A regular ham and pineapple from Domino's. Picture: Domino's
A regular ham and pineapple from Domino's. Picture: Domino's

Man sickened after eating ham on 'vegan' Domino's pizza

A vegan man has said he experienced stomach cramps after eating a whole pizza from Domino's, which staff assured him was plant based.

The man, who has been vegan for four years, shared a warning online, saying "Dominos have been adding real ham to their vegan ham range of pizzas".

Domino's recently released their new range of vegan pizzas, with convincing faux meat toppings. The company spent months trialling different types of fake meats, and the pizzas have been hailed as delicious, and convincing.

But the Sydney man said he was concerned by how "real" the meat looked on his pizza, which he bought for lunch on Monday.

"I went back in and asked multiple times to properly confirm it was vegan," he wrote on Facebook.

"I was assured that the ham was vegan, and that it wasn't real. So I ate the whole thing.

"About an hour later I get stomach cramps. I then eventually start questioning the employees who assured me it was vegan.

And checked online and at the photos Domino's put out of the pizzas, and saw that the ham was distinctly different. This is horrible."

Domino's vegan pizza. Picture: Domino's
Domino's vegan pizza. Picture: Domino's

The man said he took his complaint to Domino's Australia, and he felt the response was "disgraceful".

"The person messaging me on behalf of Domino's even said that they 'honour' the words of the employees over my pictures, experience of the pizza and the clear fact that it is real pig flesh."

Domino's has since apologised to the man.

"This was an inadvertent mistake, which will be used as a learning opportunity for our team members," a spokesperson for the company told The Daily Mail.

"Domino's has a 100 per cent customer satisfaction guarantee, and each of our team members works hard to deliver meals that meet our customers' requirements, including specific dietary needs."

"We have specific procedures in place for customers with vegan or allergen requirements, including using fresh gloves and cutting blades for their order.

"Because of these procedures, we have received positive feedback from customers on our vegan range.

"But in a busy store environment we know that mistakes, though uncommon, can happen. Where this is the case, our local store will refund or remake the order as soon as possible."

The man told The Daily Mail he was given a refund in the form of a voucher. He claimed the voucher wouldn't cover the cost of a vegan pizza from Dominos - only a traditional pizza.

News.com.au has contacted Domino's Australia.

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