Comment: Michael McCormack, you’re on borrowed time


THIS is why the public gets fed up with politicians.

Here they are, each year earning more than any ordinary Australian would earn in five years, yet with an almost pathological need they still have their snouts in the trough.


The mere fact politicians would create a party room meeting - given that one had been planned for just days before - just so they didn't have to put a hand in their pockets for flights or accommodation to attend a knees-up is reprehensible.

It does not matter whether it is within the rules or not.

And this has been done with the knowledge of the Deputy Prime Minister's office. Whether Michael McCormack had direct knowledge or not - and it is inevitable that he did - it doesn't matter because as the office holder the buck must stop with him.

This issue goes beyond the incompetence of McCormack's leadership. It goes to judgment and integrity. McCormack is on borrowed time.

This is not just a flesh wound but given the issues surrounding the economy, bushfires and the coronavirus, Scott Morrison and co will do anything to stop another spill.

They do not want a leadership change right now and they definitely do not believe Barnaby Joyce is the answer for the Nationals.

It is clear Morrison is not impressed on a number of fronts with his Deputy PM but he is shackled to McCormack. He cannot sack McCormack as leader of the Nationals.

McCormack is a deadweight manacled to Morrison, who is swimming against the tide to get back on track after an ordinary summer.

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