DRESSED TO IMPRESS: The Best Millinery category for Fashions on the Field at the Gayndah Races 2019.
DRESSED TO IMPRESS: The Best Millinery category for Fashions on the Field at the Gayndah Races 2019. Sam Turner

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FASHION, racing, and great weather were all winners at one of the most anticipated events in Gayndah's calendar.

Over 500 excited racegoers came to the Annual Spring Race Meeting on Saturday October 12 to relish in the spirit of racing.

Held at the Gayndah Jockey Club, audacious millineries and flamboyant suits were in abundance, with punting being at an all time high.

Gayndah Jockey Club president Jason Waldock was proud of how the day turned out, admitting to having a sleepless night prior due to the predicted weather.

"The weather may have scared a few off, however we were able to have a good day and great turn out," Mr Waldock said.

Fashions on the Field was as electrifying as ever, with many colts, fillies, stallions and ladies strutting their stuff in a bid for fashion glory.

A handful of winners came away with the silver sashes, being gifted a multitude of prizes.

The dapper brothers Kirby and Cooper Golchert tied for victory in the Best Colt category, with the smartly dressed brothers Slack coming in second.

Sienna Slattery came away with the win in Best Filly Foal, with Maddison Barberton as the runner up.

The next category of Best Filly gave Holly Ahern the win, with the runner up being Lucinda Schmidt.

There was stiff competition in the Best Dressed Classic Lady heat, with all competitors rolling out their finest gowns.

Bec Pohle came out as the champion, with Trudy Payne coming a close second.

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The Best Dress Contemporary Lady had a huge submission of competitors, with Sarah Webster coming out on top and Bree Robertson coming a close second.

Best Dressed Lady in the 4625 had a huge turnout, with the best of Gayndah's ladies coming out to represent their community.

Jaz Slack earned the title for that category, with Cilla Pershouse being the runner up.

The roles were reversed in the next category for Best Millinery, with Cilla being victorious, and Jaz Slack coming in as runner up.

The fellas then came out to strut their stuff in the Best Stallion category, with the well-dressed Richard Pressland coming in first, and Russ Baker coming in second.

The Best Stallion 4625 gifted Paul Slack a well-deserved win, with Russ Baker being a bridesmaid once again, coming in runner up.

The final category saw the Slack Family take out the title for Best Dressed Day, concluding the event's revered fashion competition.

Amongst the punting, fashion and food, two special moments stood out for Mr Waldock and the racing community.

"This morning we celebrated the 80th birthday of life member and former president Barry Ahern, and we held a minute's silence for former patron and life member Dorothy Gordon."

Wife of former president Neville Gordon, Mrs Gordon was synonymous with racing in Gayndah, having only just passed away.

Mr Waldock reminisced about how she was at the Races when he first joined many years ago.

"She was always here, I don't think she missed too many race meetings, her and Neville."

In remembrance, jockeys on the day wore black arm bands, to celebrate her life and contribution to the club.

Overall, Mr Waldock commended the day, thanking the committee and those who lent a hand organising the day.

"We always get a good crowd and they're well-behaved, which allows us to always have great meetings," Mr Waldock said.

"Can't argue about today at all, it's been great."

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