My Kitchen Rules contestants Anna and Jordan.
My Kitchen Rules contestants Anna and Jordan. Channel 7

MKR family feud: Anna and Jordan's night of bickering

EMOTIONS boiled over for Anna and Jordan on My Kitchen Rules tonight.

The usually composed mother and son were feeling the pressure of the ultimate instant restaurant round, bickering over how to prepare their dishes.

Judge Manu Feildel advised them to pick a "boss" who had the final say.

"A lot of bickering in the kitchen you two," he said.

"The team needs to be working together."

As they served their entrees, Jordan admitted to being "a bit of a pain".

"I agree," Feildel said.

"I would never talk to my mum like this."

Unfortunately their gnocchi fell flat and resembled pan-fried potato rather than light pillows.

But Pete Evans was impressed with their combination of squid, almond and citrus.

"My first bite of the squid, it was cooked beautifully," Evans said.

"The only thing I'd question is the texture (of the tarator); it's very pasty.

"Even though the components all worked together, halfway through I'd had enough."

The mother and son regrouped before continuing work on their main courses, but again butted heads over the cooking of their suckling pig.

They managed to keep their emotions in check and it paid off in both dishes.

"You took a huge risk doing a suckling pig," Evans said.

"I loved it. It was very brave to put a whole suckling pig on the menu. It melted in the mouth.

"It wasn't a pretty dish but it's a bloody good dish. I'm definitely going to remember it so thank you."

Feildel was equally full of praise for their pretty black and white ravioli.

"I loved the look of the pasta itself," he said.

"The flavour of all of it tog on one fork is magical… I'm happy to be sitting here tonight."

Unfortunately things went downhill with their desserts.

There were technical issues with their Bombe Alaska, deemed "below average" by Evans.

And their panna cotta lacked the wobble Feildel expected.

 "Great flavour… I love the jelly on top of it as well," he said.

"This crostini is a perfect pairing with this. But my criticism is about the panna cotta itself.

"It's not bouncing like a panna cotta should be bouncing."

Siblings Mitch and Laura still remain on the bottom of the leaderboard.

Gianni and Zana will host the final ultimate instant restaurant tomorrow night.


Anna and Jordan's menu

Entrée: Gnocchi with mushrooms and truffle

Entrée: Squid with almond tarator and citrus salsa

Main: Black and white crab ravioli with crab bisque

Main: Suckling pig with apple and celeriac

Dessert: Rhubarb and ginger Bombe Alaska

Dessert: Vanilla panna cotta with espresso jelly and crostoli

Score: 72

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