My Kitchen Rules contestants Lauren and Carmine.
My Kitchen Rules contestants Lauren and Carmine. Channel 7

MKR’s Carmine and Lauren shut down their haters

SUDDEN-death survivors Carmine and Lauren proved they are a force to be reckoned with on My Kitchen Rules tonight.

The South Australians redeemed their pasta in a bag and mud cake disasters from their previous instant restaurants, serving up an impressive menu and pushing Mitch and Laura further down the leaderboard.

Rather than "mucking around" with family reunions, the competitive couple drove straight to the shops to buy the ingredients for their Italian dishes.

The only fault judge Manu Feildel could find in the first course was the generous amount of duck.

"I feel like I skipped the entrée and I went straight to main course," Feildel said.

"That's my (only) negative. The positive is it's a beautiful dish. The duck is cooked well; the sauce is really nice."

Pete Evans was equally pleased with his dish, a modern take on a classic Italian dish.

"I loved it. I'm really glad you've pushed the envelope on this because I can't fault the dish," he said.

The couple continued confidently in the main course, with Evans calling their lamb rack "perfect".

 "It is so tender; (it) melted in the mouth. Cutting into it was like cutting through butter," he said.

"The pea puree was the least favourite element on this dish.

"You're really stepping it up thank you."

But Feildel found faults with their overly rich beef cheek ravioli.

"I love the raviolis; I love the sauce, but I'm not sure they match together," he said.

"It's just the strength of that sauce you just lose the beef cheek flavour."

But they saved the best for last, with Lauren confirming why the other teams consider her the pastry and sweets queen of the competition.

The theatrics of their chocolate ice cream Tartufo and the complexity of the Sfogliatelle pastry blowing the judges away.

"You should be proud of the pastry you created on this dessert. We've never seen anything like this on My kitchen Rules," Feildel said.

They didn't beat Tasia and Gracia's score but they did dispel any doubts about their place in the finals with two perfect scores.

Mother and son Anna and Jordan will host their instant restaurant tomorrow night.



Carmine and Lauren's menu

Entrée: Vitello Tonnato

Entrée: Duck breast with figs and Vincotto

Main: Beef cheek ravioli

Main: Lamb rack with crispy polenta and pea puree

Dessert: Tartufo

Dessert: Citrus Sfogliatelle

Score: 77

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