UPGRADES: Jim Radel is busy upgrading the cattle yard at Monto Showgrounds, in preparation for the 2019 show.
UPGRADES: Jim Radel is busy upgrading the cattle yard at Monto Showgrounds, in preparation for the 2019 show. Felicity Ripper

Monto makes moves for 89th annual show

PULLING off a successful country show takes year-round planning and Monto and District Show Society volunteers know that just as well as anyone.

For months they have been preparing for Monto's 89th annual show and now a new committee is excited to announce what patrons can experience.

Monto and District Show Society treasurer and secretary Amy Smith said a major draw card for the 2019 show would be the Charbrays.

"We've got a Charbray feature show happening on the Saturday, as well as the normal stud beef section on the Sunday, which will be great," she said.

"Every year that Beef Week isn't on we try to get a feature show of some description, it adds something different and allows us feature all the different breeds over the course of a few years.

"We have new prime cattle yards going up at the moment which should be ready for the show."

Upgrades to the cattle yards and a shed at the showgrounds came after the Show Society was approved for a $35,000 state government grant in early 2018.

The improved facilities will mean easier access for people and their cattle, and improved safety.

Ms Smith said the entertainment for the show is also starting to fall into place and there will something on offer for patrons of all ages, including a goat show on the Sunday.

"Our show is all about community- it's not just the beef, just the horses, just the woodchop or the chainsaws- we really try to showcase all of the industries equally," she said.

"We also make an effort to include things for children under 10, because most of them can't go on the big rides.

"We will have a specific area for children so families can bring their younger ones and their is something free for them to do."

With thorough knowledge of the region, Paul Francis has taken the reigns as president of the committee this year.

"He is an ex-councillor, he owns and runs a farm and he's involved in rotary," Ms Smith said.

"The position came available and he put his hand up which was really good."

Ms Smith said the committee was excited to welcome Monto State High School agriculture teacher Toby Worley on board as Junior Vice President.

"It's another young person getting involved in the show and the more young people we can get involved the longer the outlook of the show's future is," Ms Smith said.

"For the longevity of the show, if we can get young people involved in small roles now then there roles can become bigger over the course of many years."

Country shows often struggle to form full committees, let alone get young people involved, and Ms Smith said that's the reason she is both secretary and treasurer.

"People just don't have the time, especially for a secretarial role," she said.

"The reason our show continues to come together is because majority of our committee members are older and each year they have formed the basis of our committee.

"Filling a committee is a year-by-year issue but nobody wants to see the show go so members understand the importance of staggering their retirement from the committee."

The Monto Show will celebrate its 90th birthday next year.

"It's only 10 years down the track before we hit the hundred and we want to hit that mark," Ms Smith said.

2019 management committee

President: Paul Francis

Sen.Vice President: Dave Schulz

Jun.Vice President: Toby Worley

Treasurer: Amy Smith

Management Committee Members: Barry Mundt and Amanda Goody.

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