Monto State Primary School Students dressed up as cattle to support the town's bid for Dairy Capital.
Monto State Primary School Students dressed up as cattle to support the town's bid for Dairy Capital. Contributed

Monto's dairy community 'Legendairy'

MONTO'S reputation as a battling dairy community was confirmed with the release of a documentary showcasing its "Legendairy” determination.

To celebrate the success of the Legendairy Capital program, in which Monto was named the Legendairy Capital of the Subtropical region, Dairy Australia has launched a video documentary profiling the participating communities.

Monto resident Helen Goody nominated the Monto Showground campdraft yard to be refurbished.

"They get used by many organisations and we need these functions to keep going so people can have a time out and enjoy themselves,” Ms Goody said.

The segment on Monto was filmed during the Dairy Australia team's visit to the town in August 2015 after it won the prize for Legendairy Capital of Australia, with a $2500 grant to go with it.

Stanhope in New South Wales was named Legendairy Capital of Australia.

Monto Show Society hosted a Legendairy lunch for the documenters and the North Burnett Regional Council changed their meeting so they could attend.

With the $2500 grant from being named Subtropical capital, the Monto Show Society was able to kickstart restoring the yard in time for the Monto Show.

The old wooden yards were replaced with new steel yard fences.

Ms Goody said it was a combination of the town's capacity to carry on in the face of difficulties.

"It really blew me away because of the fact we've only got eight dairy farms in the region,” Ms Goody said.

"In the face of everything, the town just keeps going; we take the knocks and we don't dwell on it.”

The Subtropical region covers all of Queensland and northern New South Wales, meaning the town was up against some stiff competition.

Dairy Australia Program Manager Suzi O'Dell said the town's determination and resilience were what put it ahead.

"It's everything, the whole picture; the nomination and the initiative that would benefit the whole community,” Ms O'Dell said.

Dairy Australia won a Community Relations community at the Public Relations Institute of Australia's Golden Target awards for their efforts to showcase and support Australia's lesser-known dairy communities.

Ms O'Dell encouraged Monto to enter the next round of nominations in early February.

"They're a great little community, a true dairy town,” Ms O'Dell said.

The documentary is available for viewing at

CapitalDoco. The segment on Monto starts at 4 minutes, 45 seconds.

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