Mother accused of abusing daughter cries in court

A MOTHER accused of assaulting her daughters cried in Rockhampton District Court today after one daughter gave evidence yesterday.

A 19-year-old daughter of the accused told the court of the alleged abuse she suffered at the hands of her mother as the trial continued into it's fifth day.

The first incident the witness described to the jury involved her mother hitting her over the head with a metal soup spoon.

She was unable to recall any specific details but told the court she had sustained an injury to her head and was left with a scar.

During a cross-examination by defence barrister Clare Grant the witness was asked to recall how many times she had been hit, what she had been disciplined for and which of her sisters were in the room at the time but did not remember.

The witness also told the court of an incident where her mother "stabbed" her in the lower back with a kitchen knife.

She told the jury her older sister was in the kitchen peeling vegetables, her mother was cutting them and she was assisting.

The victim then alleged her mother encouraged her to move out of her way by poking the knife she was using towards her when the tip of the knife broke skin the on her lower back.

In reference to the incident, Ms Grant suggested the witness' mother had been joking with her and "mucking around" when she accidentally struck her with the knife.

Ms Grant also suggested her mother had noticed the incident as soon as it happened and said "Oh s**t baby, show me?" before apologising.

The witness rebutted, saying her mother had not been mucking around and did not apologise for the incident, adding neither of them had noticed the injury until after the fact.

The trial continues today.

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