Danger name of game for bull riders

INJURY for a bull rider is not a question of if, but when. 

Mulgildie Rodeo open bull ride champion Cody Burgess has an impressive list of broken body parts, including jaw, ribs, wrist, elbow, and ankle, and that is on top of countless cuts and bruises.

And he is only 19.

Luckily, the weekend event left him in a whole piece, with a pocket heavy with prize money.

"It is the funnest thing in the world," he said.

"This is what I do for a living.

"It's been good the last few weeks; I have been through a bad stage of falling off but everyone falls off."

Fellow rider Dylan Blair popped both of his shoulders from a fall during which his hands were overhead.

"To but them back in, I put my hands over a rail," he said.

"There were tears."

The 21-year-old from Calliope said popping it in was a common procedure.

"This is normal; it happens about once a week," he said.

"You don't get immune to the pain, it still hurts."

The certainty for injury at some point makes it eventougher when family compete, like bull-riding father and son Jamahal and Cooper Hamilton.

Cooper is in his first year of riding, and the 18-year-old has not broken any bones just yet.

"You try to really put aside that fear of failure," he said.

"If you think you'll get hurt, that's when you do.

"That's where the word courage comes in."

Jamahal said it was tough seeing his son compete, but he has developed a tactic to putting the worrying thoughts aside.

"It makes you a little anxious, but that's a mental block you need to put up," he said.

"We know the dangers and love the sport."

The range of events offered at the rodeo gave opportunities for all sorts of competitors, including 17-year-old Monto girl Breanna Cook.

Cook took out the champagne ladies' steer ride - a career best for the young rider.

"Just feeling happy, it was hard to get the confidence to get up to do it," she said. "I just told myself that if others can do it, so can I."




Local jackpot barrel: Jessika Brown and J'Tia Leather.

Mini barrel: Lacey Leather 1, Heidi Smith 2, Eamon Devine 3, Lachy Kerle 4.

Junior barrel: Makenzie Stephens 1, J'Tia Leather 2, Mackenzie Hamilton 3, Grier Leather 4.

Juvenile barrel: Gema Rowe 1, Beky Vaughan 2, Jessika Brown, Susie Conole 4.

Novice barrel: Beky Vaughan 1, Jessika Brown 2, Josephine Howell 3, Isabelle Schubert 4.

Open barrel race: Josephine Howell 1, Gema Rowe 2, Katie Conole 3, Michelle Kerle 4.

Bareback bronc: Stuart Frame 1, Parish May 2.

Saddle bronc ride: Greg Hamilton 1, Angus Mitchell 2, Jamahl Hamilton 3, J Hutteroth 4.

Champagne ladies' steer ride: Breanna Cook.

Junior steer: Macaulie Leather 1, Matty Parton 2.

Juvenile steer: Macaulie Leather 1, Travis Baker 2, Ben Graving and Elijah Leather 3.

Open Steer: Jacob Hutteroth 1, Wayde Michelson 2.

Open Bullride: Cody Burgess 1, Tyler Morgan 2.

Stockman Challenge: Andrew Cook and Josephine Howell.

Ribbon race: Ben Graving and Travis Platen.

Dash for cash girls: Zarah Smith.

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