A chilly morning turned into a perfect day for the Mulgildie Saddle Cloth Campdraft.
A chilly morning turned into a perfect day for the Mulgildie Saddle Cloth Campdraft. Mackenzie Colahan

Mulgildie Saddle Cloth Campdraft: Full results

AFTER a one-year hiatus due to unusually dry conditions, the Mulgildie Saddle Cloth Campdraft is back with a bang in 2018.

Bernardine Hassall was proud to see two of her young children rewarded for their efforts on Saturday morning.

While their father Rem was celebrating his victory in the Maiden class, Liam Hassall, seven, took out the Mini event and Heidi Hassall, three, received the award for most encouraging young rider.

The Mini class is open to competitors under eight years of age - too young to compete as juniors - providing a rare opportunity for the budding riders to experience a draft.

Both Liam and his sisters learned to ride at a young age and are members of the Theodore pony club.

The Hassalls hone their craft as managers of Camboon Station - the largest privately held cattle station in the Banana Shire.

Mrs Hassall hoped other campdrafts will follow Mulgildie's lead and introduce a Mini class.

"We compete and it's nice for the kids to be able to take part,” she said.

"It's a bit of fun for the kids and it encourages them to get involved in drafting.

"I think more of them should offer it.”



Female: Susan Symes on Ajay - 89 points

Male: Robert Wormington on Links - 90 points

Overall Campdrafter of the Weekend: Robert Wormington (1st Open Round 1, 2nd Open Final, 5th Novice Final)


1st: Ben Weller on Deanna - 173 points

2nd: DJ Cressard on Vanity - 172 points

2nd: Robert Wormington on Links - 172 points

4th: Jane Willoughby on I Love Lucy - 169 points

5th: Peter Wallace on Samara - 168 points

6th: DJ Cressard on Raylee - 167 points

6th: Russell Kenny on Alliegance - 167 points

Cut Out Winner: Susan Symes on Ajay


1st: Trevor Hampson on Reflection - 171 points

2nd: Robert Smith on Chuck - 169 points

3rd: Anthony Webb on Aussi Cool - 168 points

4th: Richard Blanch on Shadow - 167 points

5th: Robert Wormington on Chantilly Rose - 166 points

6th: Jack Breed on Assett - 165 points

Cut Out Winner: Ben Weller on Rhiannah


1st: Russell Kenny on Alliegance - 83 points

2nd: Lindsay McLean on Dory - 82 points (also Cut Out Winner)

3rd: Geoff Seeds on Music - 81 points

4th: Brett Kerr on Usain - 76 points

4th: Calvin Parker on Buddy - 76 points


1st: Deb Worley on Adelle - 70 points (also Cut Out Winner)

2nd: Sammi Jo Hyland on Cooinda Nicholdet - 68 points

3rd: Bill Taylor on Henry - 20 points

3rd: Claire Webb on Ossie Cool - 20 points


1st: Rem Hassall on Ebony - 171 points

2nd: Trevor Francis on Juliett - 168 points

3rd: Danielle Sharpe on San Andreas Style - 166 points

4th: Peter Wallace on Ollie - 165 points

5th: Jack Breed on In Trouble - 164 points

6th: Geoff Crozier on Secret - 162 points

Cut Out Winner - Tony Fielder


1st: Samantha Dolan on Millie - 78 points

2nd: Lydia Taylor on Henry - 69 points

3rd: Matthew Davies on Bluff Down Bega Boy & Mega Lee Acres - 21 points (tied for 3rd on both horses and Cut Out Winner on both horses)

Encouragement: Taleah Wallace on Miss Adrenaline Rush


1st: Kobi-Jaye London on Sundance - 47 points

2nd: Mikalah Wormington on Midnight Maggie - 21 points (also Cut Out Winner)

3rd: Jade Mauger on Cobber - 20 points

3rd: Lee Mauger on Gem - 20 points

Encouragement: Erin Hassall on Flicka


1st: Liam Hassall on Charisma - 29 points

2nd: Jake Christenson on Tango - 23 points

2nd: Josie Wormington on Opal - 23 points

Encouragement: Heidi Hassall on Charisma

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