YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR: Nicholas Wenk is about to launch his own line of skateboards.
YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR: Nicholas Wenk is about to launch his own line of skateboards. Adam McCleery

New skate line incoming

Skateboarding: NICOLAS Wenk has taken the initiative with his passion for skate boarding and is in the process of launching a brand new line of skate boards that he has branded Federal.

"The idea just sort of came to me and I thought it would be a good ting to try,” Nicolas said.

"I have finished my business plan and I've been working on concepts for the art work too, the brand is going to be Federal.”

Nicolas, 17, doesn't study business at Burnett State College but still took the time to learn what would be needed to launch his new brand of skate board and his mother and owner of Truth Designs Amanda Wenk has been on hand for some business advice.

"She helped me with the business plan,” Nicolas said.

"But they will be two different businesses and I kind of want to do this as much on my own as I can.

"It is really good having her there for some help and advice but once I start working on the marketing and advertising things it probably wouldn't do either business any good to cross it over like that.”

Along with his single minded determination, the aspiring Gayndah businesman remains humble at the scope of what he is going to achieve.

Once the business plan was done and some concept art released Nicolas had to decide on what type of wood to use and from where he might source it.

"I decided to use Canadian Maple and then it will be shipped to China for pressing and then shipped here to me,” Nicolas said.

"I have ordered 200 boards and I hope to get them ASAP, but things like shipping will take time.

"I chose that wood because it was cheaper but will still last up to five months, they won't snap easy.”

Nicolas is not overly stressed about how quickly he could sell his boards and has faith that whether it takes him a week, a month or two years he will eventually sell them all.

"I'm not really in any rush, I'll start by selling them at local markets and driving around in my car to different places,” Nicolas said.

"If it takes a little while that is fine, if I can sell all 200 boards I will be making $10,000 in profit.”

As it stands, Nicolas will be selling his boards for $80 dollars each.

"You can get boards of all prices but I felt that was the best middle of the road price,” Nicolas said.

The boards will be shipped to China and pressed but the designs will also be put to the bottom of the boards in the same work shop.

"I'll be getting the images heat transferred in China, so I will be getting them shipped to be shrink wrapped and ready to sell,” Nicolas said.

Surprisingly Nicolas only took up skating two years ago but in that short time he has found his passion and loves spending as much time in the skating world as he can.

"I'm not a great skater by any means, but I love skating a lot and this idea just came to me,” Nicolas said.

"When you first come down to a skate park it can be really intimidating but once you get involved you find out that everyone is really friendly and welcoming.”

The skate park at the Lions Park in Gayndah played a part in getting Nicolas involved with skateboarding.

"It's not the easiest thing to get good at or into, there are a lot of barriers to go through,” Nicolas said.

"It's good having something I'm passionate about, before skating I didn't have anything to do.”

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