NiE Ships of the desert

THEY are mammals with long legs, an elongated neck, a big-lipped snout, double row of very long eyelashes, flat wide two-toed padded feet and have a characteristic one hump (dromedary) or two humps (Bactrian) on their back. Because of their numerous and unique physical traits that enable them survive in harsh dry climates these animals are also known as "ships of the desert".

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Showgrounds set for major upgrade

Committee member Barry Wait was thrilled to hear the news about the grant to upgrade the showgrounds.

Monto Showgrounds will receive a $35,00 upgrade to the cattle yards.

Goondicum mine on track to reopen

ECONOMIC BOOST: A price crash in 2015 brought to a halt ilmenite mining, but it will resume in Monto by the end of the year.

Goondicum mine is on track to reopen by the end of the year.

Riders prepare for another campdraft

READ THE BEAST: Eidsvold's Ben Wheller gives his all at the Proston campdraft.

The annual Eidsvold Golden Bell campdraft returns.

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