Northern NSW cattle sales wrap up


There was a larger yarding of 1,467 head, an increase of 630 head.

Over 1,100 young cattle were sold, consisting mainly of vealers and a few more yearlings. Quality improved, with increased numbers of supplementary fed cattle through the sale and there was more weight in the cattle this week.

Trade vealers were 3c to 5c cents dearer, selling from 270c to 295c to average 282c/kg. Restocker cattle met an easier market, mainly due to the wide spread dry weather conditions.

Most were destined for the Southern districts.

Weaner steers to restockers ranged from 255c to 358c/kg for light weights.

Restocker weaner heifers sold to a top of 298c to be down by 10c/kg, some sales more.

The yarding of export cattle was made up mainly of cows.

Quality was mixed with the cow market slightly dearer. Medium weight cows averaged 204c, while heavy cows sold to a top of 220c/kg.


484 cattle yarded at Grafton on yesterday.

The numbers improved on last week however most of the cattle that come forward definitely showed the signs of a hard season.

Bullocks sold to 250c/kg and cows to 220c/kg. Restockers on light weight British euro cattle were strong paying up to 356c/kg for light Angus steers.

Sale highlights:

Wavehill bullocks topped at 240c/kg weighed 720kg to return $1728/hd.

Ramornie Station bullocks sold to 262c/kg weighed 550kg to return $1568/hd.

R P & N Ensbey bullocks sold to 250c/kg weighed 533kg to return $1322/hd.

J Keats bullocks sold to 255c/kg weighed 550kg to return $1394/hd.

R C Child steers sold to 252c/kg weighed 505kg to return $1220/hd.

A G & M E Dougherty heavy heifers made 231c/kg weighed 378kg to return $13914/hd.

Ken Watters cows sold to 220c/kg weighed 603kg to return $1315/hd.

D J & J M J Smith cows sold to 215c/kg weighed 510kg to return $1083/hd.

Rodney Chevalley Angus weaner steers made 296c/kg to return $850/hd to restockers.

I N & E E Heldt Angus steers made 338c/kg to return $595/hd to restockers.

D F & C A Spagnolo Limo steers made 334c/kg to return $533/hd to restockers.

G R Lenz Angus cross steers made 286c/kg to return $765/hd to restockers.

L S Timms Angus steers made 338c/kg to return $540/hd to restockers.

M & S Hasting Angus steers made 318c/kg to return $570/hd to restockers.

John Sheraton vealers made 288c/kg weighed 245kg to return $700/hd.


580 Cattle were sold at the Glenn Weir and Sons Lismore Store Cattle Sale last Saturday, September 9.

200 steers and 150 heifers mainly Bos Indicus X sold well considering the shortage of grass throughout most districts.

Most X bred steers weighing in the 320 kg to 420 kg range sold from $2.40 to $2.60/kg.

Well bred Angus weaner steers topped at $3.54/kg and X breds $2.60 to $3.10/kg,

Most of the young heifers sold from $2.50 to $3.05/kg.

Breeder cattle sold well - heifers ready to join sold from $750 to $1140.

Heifers with young calves sold from $1060 to $1260.

The top end of the cows and calves sold from $1300 to $1600 and springing cows $1000 to $1700.

On Tuesday at the Lismore yards another 280 cattle were sold.

Prices for prime medium and light vealers were scarce and sold on a par with recent sales, $2.60 to $2.78/kg.

Weaner were in plain condition and showed an easing in returns.

The cow market held firm.  Heavy cows sold from $2.00 to $2.22/kg.

Phillip Lovett's Brangus cow sold for $2.22 returning $1488.

The best of the dairy cows sold for $2.06/kg.

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