RAINBOW LOCKS: Brianna Yeo raised roughly $1500 for World's Greatest Shave for the fight against leukaemia.
RAINBOW LOCKS: Brianna Yeo raised roughly $1500 for World's Greatest Shave for the fight against leukaemia. Jack Lawrie

Nurse motivated to shave

BREANNA Yeo is on the cusp of completing her fundraising for the World's Greatest Shave to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation.

During her time on placement at a haematology ward at Wesley Hospital in Brisbane, Ms Yeo got a first-hand look at the effect blood cancer had on people.

"I hadn't been exposed to anything like that because it was quite early on in my nursing career, especially as a student,” she said.

"It was devastating the impact that blood cancer and leukaemia can have on not just patients, but also their family and friends.”

Blood cancer is the third most common cause of cancer death in Australia, claiming more lives than breast cancer or melanoma.

Every day, another 35 people will be diagnosed.

And so, Ms Yeo and her two friends, Chelsea Clark and Alysha Colquhoun (known as the "Shear Girls” on their World's Greatest Shave page) are working to raise $1500 each in the fight against the cancer.

"My friends and I decided to do Shave for a Cure last year, so we started fundraising in December,” she said.

"We're all from Brisbane, and two of us have reached our individual goal of $1500 and we also reached our team goal of $5000.”

Originally from Tenterfield, New South Wales, Ms Yeo is a relative newcomer to Monto, having moved to town to work at Monto Hospital shortly after graduating from QUT Medical School in Brisbane as a registered nurse last July.

For those lucky enough to not spend a lot of time at the hospital, she might be better known as last year's Dairy Festival Queen.

At the time she won the crown last year, Ms Yeo told the Central North Burnett Times she was amazed at how forthcoming and supportive members of the community had been.

That gratitude has extended to those who supported her in her fundraising goal over the last few months.

"A lot of people from the hospital have donated which is great, the community has been supportive,” Ms Yeo said.

"It's a little difficult considering I'm not that well known, but they've been very supportive when I post on Facebook and a few have donated physically.”

This Saturday, she'll be shaving her head to the blade for the first time ever.

This is just a few weeks after dyeing it blonde and putting rainbow colouring in as part of an optional clause to raise more money.

"I've always wanted to do rainbow, so I thought now was a good time,” she said.

"They've got really long hair as well so we all decided to just band together and do as much as we could for the cause.”

She left on Tuesday to head to Wesley Hospital for a special shave event, with people from the Leukaemia Foundation.

Currently Ms Yeo's World's Greatest Shave page lists her at around $1272, though she said she still had physical cash donations still to collect from the hospital.

Those looking to help her out before shave day on Saturday can visit http://bit.ly/2lY83kU.

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