Woman fined $1750 after she fell asleep high on meth

A NURSING student, who trespassed and fell asleep in a stranger's home while high on meth, has been given a second chance.

Last week, Hannah Colston, 23, pleaded guilty in Mackay Magistrates Court to charges in relation to the incident on March 1.

The court heard she had been found unresponsive by residents of a Bucasia address, lying on a bed in their front sunroom.

Five clip-sealed bags, a small yellow drinking straw and a used pipe had been found in a sunglasses case in her handbag, the court was told.

Prosecutor Sheena Hayes told the court that the Mackay-based student had admitted to smoking meth earlier that day and had been placed under arrest for trespassing.

"She appeared to be dazed, confused and she was giggling to herself," Ms Hayes said.

"The defendant said she used the yellow drinking straw to scoop the meth out of the clip-sealed bag and place it into the pipe."

Defence solicitor Siobhan Harrison said Colston had no prior conviction or traffic offences and that her recollection of the even was "unclear".

Colston believed a friend lived at the dwelling, Ms Harrison said.

Magistrate Nerida Wilson then heard that injuries sustained from a car accident last year and the recent separation of her parents had left Colston feeling stressed, anxious and depressed.

She had been forced to postpone graduation due to her injuries.

"(The defendant) does admit to using drugs, initially for social reasons, but as her mental health has deteriorated the drugs have been more of a way to isolate herself from her friends and family - as a coping mechanism for depression," Ms Harrison said.

Colston was fined $1750 for trespass and instructed to undertake a drug assessment and education program.

Ms Wilson said she was "going to make sure" the penalty she imposed gave Colston "every opportunity to move forward rather than backward".

No conviction was recorded.

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