One of Coast's 'most remarkable' homes sells for $6.25m

THE sale of a Sunshine Coast waterfront house for $6.25 million is a testament to the confidence in the property market.

G1 principal Simon Guilfoyle has negotiated the sale of 17 Minyama Island for Sean and Sam Juniper in what he regards a record price for the Minyama-Mooloolaba area in 2016.

It has been their home for 17 years.

The sale to a Sunshine Coast businessperson further underlined the returning strength of the property market, Mr Guilfoyle said.

"Values went below where they should have been in the GFC but the Sunshine Coast is now recognised as a safe place to invest,” he said.

"When I talk with others, the advice to me has been to stay long in property in prime locations.

"Particularly this central part of the Sunshine Coast, we hold very steady.

"It adds more confidence when the person who bought is a local businessperson.

"We are seeing so many buying or reinvesting since January 1.”

Mr Guilfoyle has been in the Sunshine Coast property industry since 1999 and has seen the peaks and troughs.

"There is light at the end of the tunnel,” he said. "Demand is truly starting to lift again.

"(With) the infrastructure spend in recent times, the confidence is ever-growing.

"People have invested strongly in that time.

"The market has not been like this since 2007.”

Mr Guilfoyle said 17 Minyama Island was one of the Coast's most remarkable homes. "When you compare it to Noosa you do not get deepwater access,” he said.

"When you compare it to the Gold Coast, with the same 2000sq m of land and 50m water frontage, it would sell for $11 million.

"The five-bedroom, six-bathroom house with pool can accommodate eight cars and moor a 60-foot boat.

"It truly is an unmatched in that part of the world.

"All the interior design elements are an example of what Sean and Sam have done in their developments on the Coast.

"What they have done is appealing to so many people, right down to the rugs.

"The style of it ... I have never seen anything quite like it.''

While the sale of 17 Minyama Island was substantial in dollar terms, there was something far greater involved for Mr Guilfoyle - trust.

"This is not something you see every day,'' he said.

"This sale is certainly the pinnacle of my selling career with them.''

The property had been on the market since 2013 and earlier this year the Junipers withdrew it from the market.

In July, Mr Guilfoyle started dialogue with them for selling the property in the changed market.

The clincher was time, he said - time spent in the planning of the sale as well as the time to re-enter the market.

"We came up with another idea to help get a result,” he said. "They trusted me and we were able to put it together.

"Like anything, you have to mediate but at end of the day, you have got to negotiate between buyer and seller expectations.

"It was a matter of sharing information to let both parties understand the situation.

"For Sean and Sam, it was very difficult for them to let go of 17 years of family memories but now they are able to get on with the next chapter of their lives here.

"While it was an emotional sale, they live in the real time.

"I am so grateful to them for trusting me.”

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