Photo Adam McCleery/ Central and North Burnett Times
Photo Adam McCleery/ Central and North Burnett Times Adam McCleery

Operation Cold Snap continues in Gayndah

THE high visibility policing in and around the Gayndah area will continue with the help of officers from Maryborough and the State Drug Testing Unit Gayndah.

"Operation Cold Snap has been in effect throughout the district in order to prevent and deter road incidents," Sergeant Josh Ryan said.

"Since Friday, July 1, Gayndah Police have detected a number of persons committing serious traffic and drug offences."

During a recent traffic intercept a 29-year-old Belgium man was pulled over and 80 grams of cannabis and utensils used in the production of dangerous drugs were allegedly found in his car.

Police also intercepted a 41-year-old male from Gayndah who allegedly supplied a breath test of 0.343, seven times the legal limit.

"I cannot reiterate to all road users the seriousness of people using our roads whilst affected by drugs and/or alcohol," Sgt Ryan said.

"To continue to see people using our roads like that is very concerning."

In this calendar year alone Gayndah police have detected 29 drug-drivers on the roads.

"This is an alarming figure and is the second highest in our police district," Sgt Ryan said.

"Due to the high number of persons driving whilst drug affected, Gayndah will continue to see a high police presence on our roads and in the community."

Sgt Ryan said the greater police presence was to stop people committing such dangerous acts and to ensure the safety of all road users in the area.

"As a police officer and road user I am concerned that there is this amount of people involved in drug use," Sgt Ryan said.

Sgt Ryan urged all people to drive safely.

"The message is clear - if you engage yourself in unlawful activities, commit traffic offences or drive while affected by drugs or alcohol you will be caught."

Residents can report any dangerous behaviour by calling 131444.

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