A car overtaking a line of traffic. (Picture: File)
A car overtaking a line of traffic. (Picture: File)

OPINION: Slow drivers are another major road risk

CAR CRASHES have dominated headlines over the past month, with two lives tragically lost on South Burnett roads in the space of two weeks.

Although majority of the recent crashes were for unexplainable reasons, in my experience driving roads across the
South Burnett, slow drivers are another common road risk.

Long lines of cars build up behind someone sitting as much as 15 kilometres below the speed limit.

Over taking lanes are few and far between, causing drivers to take unnecessary risks, over taking on blind corners and narrowly missing on coming traffic to get back into their lane.

Inattention has been the tragic link between two fatal Burnett car crashes and oncoming traffic in the wrong lane is not something most drivers necessarily look out for.

This causes both lanes of traffic to slam on their brakes to let the driver, who is significantly exceeding the speed limit back in without crashing.


Although getting frustrated sitting behind a slow driver shouldn't be reason enough to risk lives, that's just how it is.

Take this Burnett Hoon, who overtook trucks at 103km/h in a 60 zone for example.

After being stuck behind two trucks from Kingaroy to Yarraman, the driver became frustrated, crossing an unbroken line into on coming traffic on a left hand bend with obscured vision.

Obviously what he did was wrong, however this happens almost everyday on South Burnett roads.

The speed limit is set to keep people safe so please stick to it.


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