OPINION: Tracking pizza delivery? What's app with you!!

Am I the only one that thinks pizza delivery trackers are silly?
Am I the only one that thinks pizza delivery trackers are silly? Bev Lacey

THERE is a new app (well, new to me at least, I'm slow to catch on) that allows you to track your takeaway pizza when it leaves the shop.  

Is it just me who thinks that's a tad silly?  

Why would you want to be bothered tracking your pizza as it makes its way out of the oven, on to the motorbike, out into the main road and then along a series of roads until it turns into your driveway?  

Have you nothing better to do?  

Ann Rickard on the boardwalk Main Beach Noosa Heads.
Ann Rickard on the boardwalk Main Beach Noosa Heads. Darryn Smith

By the time you've ordered your pizza and then sat down with your phone watching its progress towards your house you could have made a pizza.  

I don't think I exaggerate on this one, do you?  

I can whip up a pizza in well under 10 minutes (but then I am super woman) providing I have a pizza base in the fridge, or one in the freezer I have made from scratch myself (yes, doing the whole yeast-rising and kneading thing).  

A nice round and smooth ball of home-made pizza dough takes only minutes to thaw, and providing you have a few scraps of good leftovers and some grated cheese in the fridge you are on your prompt way to pizza paradise.   

But I accept that not everyone is as domestically fabulous as me so I suppose tracking your pizza on your phone might be more entertaining than kneading dough.  


  Far too many of you are addicted to your phones.   Who knows what apps you have on there? 

  If you need to be kept up to speed on the whereabouts of your pizza, what other needs do you have?

What else are you up to on your phone?

  In fact it could be said most of the developed world has an unhealthy dependence on its phone.   

Are you fan of using the pizza tracker apps?

This poll ended on 27 August 2015.

Current Results

Of course! How else would I know when to put pants on to answer the door?


No, how silly go pick the pizza up


Never used it


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

I see it everywhere close to home and it's even worse in my travels.

And it is not just the young ones.  

On the sky train in Bangkok last month I was one of only a few in the crowded carriage without my phone in my hands and my head bent over it in fierce concentration.   

It was comforting to think that surely everyone on the sky train wasn't tracking the progress of their takeaway chicken curry.

The Thais are social enough to sit down with mates and family to eat at a table and talk rather than fret over their phone in case their pad Thai had taken a wrong turn and disappeared up a crowded alley.  

Even on aeroplanes people are reluctant to put down their phones until the absolute very last minute and the captain is about to take off. up in the sky.  

And later out come the phones the instant the wheels have landed on the tarmac. 

In bars you see groups of young women huddled together not laughing and gossiping as they should but all with their heads bent over their phones.   Are they wondering what street their pizza is in?  

Maybe I am just envious because I have no apps on my phone, in fact I find it all a bit...what?...well, bridge too far really.

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