Palmer explodes: "You only care about Clive Palmer"

FRESH from a damning expose targeting his corporate and political exploits, Clive Palmer has exploded on morning television during an interview with David Koch on Sunrise.

Mr Palmer was being quizzed about allegations raised by ABC's Four Corners on Monday night, specifically claims that he was personally approving or denying payments despite his having apparently resigned as a director when he entered politics.

His told Sunrise on Tuesday he was that he was part of a "committee" that made the decisions, including himself, five other employees "not directors".

Although tense, it was when Kochie asked Mr Palmer about what he was doing for "Queensland Nickel workers who are owed $70 million".

"What are you doing as someone associated with Queensland Nickel to help those workers?"

And off he went, describing the press as being out to "get" Clive Palmer.

"It is about politics. It's not about countless people have lost their jobs," he said.

"22,000 people in Queensland but you haven't reported it.

"You haven't been there for the other companies, have you, no you don't care about those 22,000 people in Queensland, the 10,000 people in Whyalla.

"You just care about Clive Palmer!

"I'm not important, they are important Kochie, do your job. Investigate them."

Amid the raising voices, Kochie struck back:

"We're caring for your workers from Queensland Nickel.

"You are accusing everybody else of not looking after workers. You've got some directly responsible for you."

Clive then said he had "retired from business" three years ago when he became a politician.

Meanwhile Queensland Nickel administrators are expected to today reveal the company owes $100 million and ought to be liquidated.

Administrators FTI Consultants are also expected to release its findings around Mr Palmer's alleged use of alias "Terry Smith" to exert control over the business.

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