HOME, SWEET HOME: Jocelyn Robertson enjoying her garden at her Mundubbera home.
HOME, SWEET HOME: Jocelyn Robertson enjoying her garden at her Mundubbera home. Philippe Coquerand

Peaceful hobby is always in bloom

TAKING a peaceful stroll through Jocelyn Robertson's Mundubbera home is an opportunity to see the "best of the best” in her garden.

Filled with succulents, gerberas and petunias, the property has an array of flowers that light up the place.

Mrs Robertson moved to her home four years ago after owning a large property out of town.

For her, gardening is a form of relaxation.

"I've always loved gardening. It's one of those things that you wake up in the morning and just want to do because you really enjoy it,” she said.

"I used to own a property out of town and the garden we had was much bigger than this one. When we bought this house the garden was already established.

"This is a low- maintenance garden we have at the moment.”

The thing Mrs Robertson loves about gardening is seeing her plants thrive.

"We have bromeliads and I really like them as they don't take a lot of care, they're easy to look after,” she said.

"We also have geraniums and they sometimes get out of hand as they grow too high.”

The North Burnett has received quite a bit of rain this past week, which has helped ensure the plants are blossoming.

"In the dry season you have to constantly water your plants but with these showers we've been having we don't have to as much,” Mrs Robertson said.

One of the toughest plants to grow is the mother-in-law's tongue, which is an architectural plant with stiff, upright leaves up to a metre tall.

It can withstand virtually any conditions from dark to bright, but Mrs Robertson said it was important not to over water the plant.

"Make sure you don't overdo it with the water. I water some of these plants occasionally but it all depends on what plant it is,” she said.

"The plants are very pretty and they do rely on the sun, so it's important that outdoor plants stay in the outdoors and not indoors.”

Mrs Robertson said the bromeliads were her favourite plants.

"They're a very interesting plant. The plainer the plant, the prettier the flower,” she said.

"You get a pretty leaf and they don't have much of a flower, some have very lovely flowers - and that's why I love bromeliads.”

Most gardeners add an ornament in their garden to give it a bit of life and MrsRobertson said she moved the bird bath from her old property to her new home.

"The one before was a plastic one and it wasn't that good,” she said.

"When we sold our last property my daughter said 'that's coming in' and it's mounted on a stump so it wasn't easy to rebuild, but we did it.

"We put the rocks around and it's stayed ever since. It took a lot of time to put together.

"We have lots of birds that come over here and from where we are you can see the bird bath.”

Mrs Robertson believes it can be hard to convince people to try their hand at gardening.

"I think it's hard to encourage people to get into it because if they were interested, they'd be doing it right now,” she said.

She said it was not for everyone.

"Everyone's got different interests and they probably do things I don't, like playing the piano or playing sport, and I think it's important we do different things,” she said.

"I wouldn't necessarily do something in the garden every day but I'm always out in the garden.

"Gardening is very therapeutic and it's good for the mind,” she said.

"My mum was into gardening and I've always been into it. My daughter mows the lawn at the moment and when she leaves I'll have to start.”

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