LETTER: Why does the government keep forsaking us?

AT THE risk of repeating myself, I'm sick to death of the government's broken record.

Sitting here listening to the budget I was not surprised that no mention was made of the pathology cuts from July 1 were mentioned.

Do they realise that many people who have worked a lifetime and are now old and struggling with serious health issues are now really stressed wondering how they can now afford the relevant tests?

I'll end by giving some advice: if you're short of money, let all you politicians wait until they're 67 to get a pension.

Also let your pension be the same as everybody else.

The days of entitlement are over so why should Mr Hockey be earning more than $300,000 and getting a part of his pension, a mere $90,000 which is over four times the amount of what the rest of us poor sods survive on a year.

It's a disgrace!


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