A ROARING YEAR: Gayndah Lions Club held their annual handover dinner on Saturday night, installing their new officers and president.
A ROARING YEAR: Gayndah Lions Club held their annual handover dinner on Saturday night, installing their new officers and president. Felicity Ripper

Peter announced president at Lions handover

FROM cleaning the streets to hefty charity donations, in the past year alone Gayndah Lions Club has provided their community with invaluable support in the way of time and to the tune of $18,787.

Inviting dozens of guests, they celebrated their achievements on Saturday night at their handover dinner where Bill Mellor passed on his presidency to Peter Spencer for the 2018/19 year.

"With fewer players than the Australian Eleven, I believe we punched above our weight this past year, the old saying 'quality before quantity' has certainly been exemplified by our club,” Mr Mellor said.

"I trust 2018/19 will be a happy and fruitful period for Gayndah Lions Club.”

In his final president report, Mr Mellor referred to the incoming president as 'Mr Energy'.

"Thank you to the members of Gayndah Lions Club for trusting me to be their president for the coming year,” Mr Spencer said.

"We look to further support local and Lions projects as well as supporting members of the public when needed.”

Having only 10 members working to support the community through Gayndah Lions Club, Mr Spencer said there would be a focus on increasing membership in the new year.

"It is always a sore point to raise, but membership is the main subject because no new members means no club in the future,” Mr Spencer said.

"We need the local township to see the Lions Club out more often.

"Our club greatly appreciates the help from local businesses to help improve the look of our town.”

Lion David Rolfe had the pleasure of installing the officers in their new positions with Mr Mellor appointed greeter, John Mullaly as tail twister, Mick Bliss as director, Henry Harman as membership officer and Peter Strohfeldt as treasurer and secretary.

Mr Spencer said this year's fundraisers would include the Grocery Grab, Christmas raffle, 170 club raffles and Christmas cakes and the club would continue the collection and recycling of eye glasses.

"Our 170 club is the main money raiser for the year but we need something new like a monthly sausage sizzle,” Mr Spencer said.

"Our main problem, like other clubs, is the lack of members to help.”

Members of the community are encouraged to get in touch with any of the local Lions members if they are interested in joining the club.

Contact Henry Harman on 0467 505 970.

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Police investigate man fined for disturbance

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Police search for tool thieves

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Officers uncover drugs, weapons

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