FULL HOUSE: Mundubbera's Picky Packers is out of room.
FULL HOUSE: Mundubbera's Picky Packers is out of room. Alex Treacy

Picky Packers packed to the rafters

MARK Postle said he doesn't believe Mundubbera will have a bumper citrus crop this season.

"They're not doing big days at the sheds,” he said.

But you wouldn't know it from looking at his Picky Packers hostel on Lyons St, which doesn't have a spare bed.

Mr Postle said they could fit 70 at a stretch, but they are running at around 62 so it's "not as crammed”.

These figures are dwarfed by the number hoping to call Picky Packers home for their stay in Mundubbera.

"We have 300 on Facebook on the waiting list and we've never advertised anywhere,” Mr Postle said.

"If you were here I'd show you our Facebook page.

"We can't answer all the messages.

"We had to put a post up last week saying we're full.”

The post thanks people for their interest and apologises there is no space.

"Thank you for all the kind words you have had to say about our hostel,” Mr Postle wrote.

"I wish we could take you all and get jobs for you but there is just way too many this year.”

Mr Postle said it's not a bad effort for a business only in its second full season after opening in May 2017.

"You always hope for that sort of thing but in reality, no (I didn't expect it),” Mr Postle said.

He said there would certainly be the demand to expand the hostel, but with his main business Possco Pty Ltd doing well, it's hard to see how he would have the time.

Mr Postle said he hoped the hostel added vibrancy to Lyons St.

"Someone said to me it enhanced the main street from what it was,” Mr Postle said.

Scotland's Ryan Hutchison, 24, has called Picky Packers home for all but six days of 2019 and is planning on staying until the end of June while he works in a fruit-packing shed.

"It's really nice, a good bunch of people and the hostel has everything you need,” Mr Hutchison said.

He said he heard about Picky Packers through word of mouth.

"Someone mentioned it, said it was a really nice hostel, really clean.”

Mr Hutchison said he is going to try and apply for his second year of a working holiday visa and then look for sponsorship.

Failing that, he said, Canada beckons.

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