DANGEROUS ROAD: Mt Perry residents are trying again to direct the attention of Transport and Main Roads towards the Gayndah- Mt Perry Road.
DANGEROUS ROAD: Mt Perry residents are trying again to direct the attention of Transport and Main Roads towards the Gayndah- Mt Perry Road. Jack Lawrie

Plea to fix our fatal road

GAYNDAH and Mount Perry locals may have seen blank incident reports placed at local businesses, prompting them to supply details of any potentially dangerous incidents they may have been involved in on the Gayndah-Mount Perry Rd.

In a bid to direct State Government's attention toward the 26km of unsealed road, Mount Perry Community Development Board is compiling a portfolio of incidents that have occurred due to the road's condition.

"We are hoping to collect a number of these and illustrate that the unsealed sections of road are really a hazard and could potentially, as they have in the past, cause fatalities,” MPCDB president Ken Schuster said.

A 27-year-old man died in December last year after losing control of his four-wheel drive on the Gayndah-Mount Perry Rd near Mingo Crossing.

Just months before, in June, a petition of 799 signatures was presented to the Minister for Main Roads in parliament and the sealing of the road was not deemed a priority.

"The petition didn't satisfy anybody's criteria so now we're more so trying to emphasise our standpoint of safety,” Mr Schuster said.

"In addition to safety, if those roads were sealed it would definitely increase commerce between the towns.”

Mt Perry's Keith Gear has experienced a number of incidents while driving his motorhome along the unsealed stretch of road.

He fears other travellers will have their vehicles damaged, or worse.

"In 2016 an oncoming vehicle flicked up a stone and we ended up having to replace our whole windscreen,” Mr gear said.

"If the stone was any bigger it could have really hurt someone.”

The following year he was travelling along the road and his generator box vibrated so much from the road conditions that one of the caravan's panels broke.

"The third incident was this year when I suffered two blown tires in one trip,” Mr Gear said.

"My main concern is our safety and I fear that only once enough people get killed or injured will Transport and Main Roads pay attention.”

Mayor Rachel Chambers informed Transport and Main Roads that the North Burnett was collecting incident reports to help them understand the safety issues.

"The response was underwhelming and basically the Monto-Mount Perry and Gayndah-Mount Perry roads both don't hold any priority in the state's planning for at least the next 15 years,” Cr Chambers said.

"We have had numerous meetings with everyone we could have and have now reached the conclusion that it is going to take a concerted and collective effort of people power in which to gain political attention to seal the remaining parts of these roads.

"These roads connect our townships and have industries of tourism, mining and agriculture along them. For these state owned roads to remain only partially sealed in 2018, let alone until at least after 2033 is ludicrous.”

Incident reports can be found at Mount Perry Mechanics and Gayndah's Information Centre, among other businesses.

Complete a form for any incidents you have been involved in or witnessed on Gayndah-Mount Perry Rd.

The following businesses have incident reports for residents the public to fill-out and submit:

  • Information Centre Gayndah
  • Gayndah Tyre service
  • Council Chambers
  • Gayndah Auto repairs
  • Gayndah Smash Repairs
  • Burnett River Machinery Repairs
  • BP Service Station
  • Mingo Crossing
  • Paradise Dam
  • Mt Perry Mechanics

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