TEE OFF: Robert Kirk at the Gayndah Captain's Tournament.
TEE OFF: Robert Kirk at the Gayndah Captain's Tournament. Adam McCleery

Putting a twist on the classic game

IT WAS Gayndah Golf Club captain Steve Gallagher's annual family weekends that formed the original idea of the Gayndah Golf Captains Tournament.

The inaugural tournament took place at the weekend, with the main theme being some light-hearted fun.

"I invented the idea myself, we have a Gallagher family golf classic every Australia Day long weekend where our family get together and we always do something like this," Gallagher said.

"We will change the rules up a bit to add some more fun to the game, so I thought I'd start a captain's tournament up here and see what happens."

The event was broken up into three sets of nine holes with a change on rules after every nine holes.

"The interesting one will be on hole five because if you're a right handed player you have to hit with the left handed club provided and vice versa for the left handers," Gallagher said.

"So that makes it interesting, and hitting the ball off the fairway is an out of bounds shot."

Some other changes included automatic out of bounds when off the fairway and changing who can tee off and from where.

Gallagher took on the role of Gayndah Golf Club captain in February of this year and was looking at ways he could help improve an already enjoyable game.

"I wanted to do something a bit different, as captain I organise Saturdays as well as organise the calendar, so I thought it would be good," Gallagher said.

"We play golf every Saturday and if we always did the same type of event every weekend, you would get sick of it pretty fast.

"Having a fun day like this really adds to the joy of being part of the club."

The day had no impact on official club results which took the stress of performance.

"I also think fun days reinforce the best parts about being part of the golf club," Gallagher said.

"We will look to do this again next year and will use any of the feedback we get to make any changes we think could improve the day even more."

Long time Gayndah Golf Club member Bev Emmerton said Gallagher had done a great job as club captain since he took over the role earlier this year.

"Steve has really been doing such a great job and has made a big different to the club and in a positive way," Emmerton said.

"Nobody wanted to take on the role so when Steve did it was great, he is so enthusiastic which is contagious around the club.

"It's the best thing for the club in a long time."

Emmerton wanted to show her appreciation of all the hard work Gallagher did putting on the day.

"I just wanted to come down today and show support for Steve's day and his idea," Emmerton said.

"He has done a lot for this club in his time as captain so I wanted to continue to support that.

"I usually play every weekend competition but I've been away a few weeks and missed some games so I came down here to get back into it."

Emmerton credits Gallagher's positive attitude as one of the driving forces behind the day coming together.

"It is a great idea and one that Steve has put together for us," Emmerton said.

The next big event is the monthly medal which will take place on Monday, November 14 from 7.30am.

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