ON POINTE: Laura's School of Dance performers.
ON POINTE: Laura's School of Dance performers. Felicity Ripper

Queensland Ballet to share skills with North Burnett dancers

DANCING instructor Laura Kronk says ballet is an art form which has "lasted the test of time".

And that's because it is so much more than just a dance.

"It teaches you poise, grace, posture, self-awareness of your own body, personal space, your muscle groupings," Miss Laura said.

"It teaches you a different language."

Miss Laura said Laura's School of Dance currently has five ballet classes.

"It's on the rise in our studios," she said.

Miss Laura believes this is partly because she is now teaching her second generation of young dancers, who have watched the earlier students earn their pointe shoes and have been inspired to follow in their footsteps.

Miss Laura said to earn the shoes in her school, students needed to display certain skills, have performed for several years, and be at least 12 years old or mature enough that she is satisfied their growth plates have developed enough.

Dancers in the North Burnett will have a chance to develop those skills further next week, as Queensland Ballet brings its Edsquad regional workshop tour to Gayndah and Mundubbera.

Miss Laura said she was just as excited as her students were and she'd moved her classes on Monday so all her students could participate.

"It's not just for ballerinas, it's for anyone who is interested in dancing," she said.

Artistic director Li Cunxin said the workshops would spread the joy of ballet wide.

"The aim of our Edsquad tour is to inspire regional Queenslanders to experience the physical, social and emotional benefits of dance through accessible arts opportunities," Mr Cunxin said.

"Although we can't always take our company performances to every community, we like to tailor opportunities for everyone to engage with ballet.

"Our Edsquad is a team of highly skilled teaching artists, all former professional dancers themselves, who bring outstanding teaching and coaching experience to these workshops."

In 2018, Edsquad hosted almost 4200 participants in their regional workshops and Mr Cunxin said they would like to have as many or more in 2019.

On Monday, May 20, two community classes will be held in conjunction with Laura's School of Dance.

Ages 6-11 will take part from 5-6pm, followed by ages 12-17 from 6-7pm.

Bookings for these classes can be made at the Queensland Ballet website.

On Tuesday, they will be running in-school workshops in Mundubbera, followed by a professional development session for primary school and early years' teachers at Burnett State College in Gayndah from 4-6pm.

Bookings for the professional development can be made here.

On Wednesday, Esquad will be running in-school workshops in Gayndah.

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