Picture: Instagram
Picture: Instagram

Rachael Finch: 'Every meal felt like cheating'

QUEENSLAND supermodel Rachael Finch has revealed she struggled with her weight while modelling full-time, and felt like every meal was "cheating".

In a lengthy Instagram post the Townsville product said it had taken her years to understand her body, having weighed just 52kg when she modelled regularly, and she had worried she wouldn't be slim enough for a job.


"Over 10 years ago when I used to model full time & walk on runways regularly I was 5kgs lighter than this photo," Finch, 29, wrote alongside a photo of herself currently.

"It may not sound like a lot but with my height & frame believe me it was a lot. I was 52/53kg & would aim to sit around that weight permanently. every meal felt like I was cheating & my periods were irregular. I was worried when clothes wouldn't fit me in castings or job fittings."

"Fast forward to my 29yr old self now. I'm 58/59kg, strong, fit, happy and have 2 amazing children who are also healthy & happy."

Finch will hit the catwalk for her athleisure brand B.O.D By Rachael Finch in Sydney this week.

She has also since launched her own dance-inspired health and fitness program.

"This time 10 years ago I would have been smashing out 2-3hr cardio sessions & limiting what went in my body. Bottom line, work on how you feel & not just on how you look," she wrote.

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