SHEDDING LIGHT: Jens Schulz, from RCR Tomlinson, speaks to the crowd at the Dalby Showgrounds.
SHEDDING LIGHT: Jens Schulz, from RCR Tomlinson, speaks to the crowd at the Dalby Showgrounds. Sam Flanagan

RCR: We need your help

ENGINEERING company RCR Tomlinson held a community forum on Wednesday night at the Dalby Showgrounds to convey the local vendor opportunities available for their upcoming solar farm project.

Construction of the farm is scheduled to run from now until about September next year and, at its peak, will employ 250 people.

Jens Schulz, the project manager of the Darling Downs Solar Farm, said the project would pour a lot of money into the local economy.

"It's no secret that this is a $200 million job for us, and $100million of that is in equipment that will come from overseas because there is simply no supplier in Australia who would be able to supply the quantities we are requiring for this job,” Mr Schulz said.

"The other $100 million is in labour and supply opportunities - that's the portion we are here to share with you.”

Some of the supply opportunities available include fuel, water, accommodation, food, fencing supplies and other materials including concrete, quarry products and safety equipment.

RCR Tomlinson is also looking for service in areas including traffic management, security, engineers, environmentalists, labourers, cleaners and administrators.

Construction manager John Palmer said the APA-owned project was proactive in seeking as many local businesses and employees as possible.

"We're working actively in the community to see what organisations there are so we don't have to ship people out from Brisbane like some of the other projects have done,” Mr Palmer said.

"I don't believe there is any one organisation in town that could provide the whole of the resources to deliver any one section of this project ... more hands make light work.”

Western Downs Regional Council Mayor Paul McVeigh praised the project for its community-orientated approach.

"I'd like to thank RCR for stepping up to the plate and doing what council has been asking about trying to involve as much local business as possible.”

The 400-hectare site is being constructed about 45km west of Dalby.

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