READERS have had mixed reaction to news same-sex couples and singles in Queensland can now adopt children.
READERS have had mixed reaction to news same-sex couples and singles in Queensland can now adopt children. Paul Braven GLA311215BABY

Readers, pollies react to news same-sex couples can adopt

READERS have had mixed reaction to news same-sex couples and singles in Queensland can now adopt children.

The new legislation, Adoption and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2016, was passed in State Parliament last night.


Keppel MP Brittany Lauga spoke in parliament in support of the Bill, outlining her own family's experience with adoption.

"When I was a child, my aunty and uncle, Peter and Mandy, or affectionately known by my family as Aunty Diddy and Uncle Pongy, adopted four beautiful children, my cousins, Edwin, Ingrid, Alex and Vanessa, from Columbia," Mrs Lauga said.

"My Aunt Mandy and Uncle Peter are two people full of love and they love family.

"They have always been there for me throughout my life and loved me like their own daughter.

"They had a deep desire to have a family of their own, so they chose to adopt Edwin, Ingrid, Alex and Vanessa from Colombia and raise them in Australia.

"Edwin, Ingrid, Alex and Vanessa are my cousins, and they were raised by loving, dedicated parents.

"Mandy and Peter were also active foster carers and their foster children Melinda and Julie, also my cousins, were raised with the same love and affection. It was wonderful having adopted cousins from Colombia. I learned a lot from them.

"I support same-sex couples and adopted children having the same opportunity to be a family.

"We understand that, although we are not blood related, the love and respect we hold for another one is what makes us a family because blood does not define family."

Read her full speech here: Brittany Lauga on new adoption legislation

Meanwhile, most readers supported the changes to the legislation with a few comments saying they didn't support the move.

Tiziana Piper - GREAT NEWS!!! More loving & commited homes available for children! ❤⭐

Kathryn Mansfield - Oh yay! A sad day for the rights of the victims .... the voiceless children'? Doesn't natural right to both a Mum & Dad even matter?

Megan Lester - Doesn't a child in the foster system or who has been put up for adoption have the right to a loving home regardless of anything else????

Belinda Buckenham - I'm fairly certain if I was a child being bounced from house to house I would prefer to be adopted regardless of the gender of the perspective parents but that's just my opinion. Let's not forget the reason so many children are in care is in most cases because they are not safe with their heterosexual parents...

Kathryn Mansfield - Yes they do deserve a forever family just as much as they deserve both a mum and a dad wherever possible.

Becky B Bowen - Lady be gone!!! Its 2016 not 1950s

Very true Belinda !!!

Belinda Buckenham - Children deserve a safe, loving home regardless of the gender of those raising them. The number of children in care and at danger in this country is epidemic. We are seeing more than ever children leaving home and sleeping on the streets to escape the violence because our system is failing them. If it's between a child being raised by violent drug addicts or gay parents it's a no brainer. Kids deserve the best and that is love and safety.

Becky B Bowen - 100%!!!! i hope ppl who r against this come back gay in there next life!!!

The ones that conplain probably dont do anythint to help these bad situations....foster carers are always needed!

Naomi Crager - Don't blame the gay couples. They aren't the ones having all the kids they can't look after.

Tamara Mills - You do realise how many one parent families there are these days

Ric Simon - You should read the transcript from Qld parliament about this a debate. You will read really positive stories and experiences from real life people.

Sandee Pryceless - I dare you to say that to a child who has 2 dads or 2 mums. They're not victims, they're children being loved. It would seem that the heterosexual couples are the only ones raising hatred against the LGBT and their families.

Nicole Lychee - Yep, thanks for that Kathryn, I come from a two mum family, I do actually have a voice and a voice that says I am definitely not a victim, I would say in fact the opposite- very lucky that I have two strong, supportive people (regardless of their gender or sexuality) in my life.

Also from a perspective from someone who has worked in a role that supported adults who grew up in out of home care, there absolutely is victims of the foster care and adoption system in Australia- but if we are looking at who to blame it is the Australian government for under funding and under supporting the sector and let's be real, how about we face towards churches who committed systematic and ongoing abuse to a whole generation of Australians- many of whom have done very little to even begin to compensate these people nor have they entered into any real attempt to prosecute the perpetrators. All of which I imagine what done under the name of 'natural rights' and 'good for the child'.

Tara Maskell - Christian Maskell we may get to become parents after all

Lynda Edwards - Hopefully it will give a lot of abandoned children loving homes and families.

Alec Madara - Jesse Harris-Loader see this is why I get confused! So fostering was legal but adoption wasn't evidently.

Alf Canendo - Boys and girls need a mum and dad but only adults opinions matter.....

Jess Princess Trathen - About time!

Ammie Andrews - If someone has a safe home and love to give why not!! ❤❤❤❤

Alf Canendo - Oh no

Taylah Radel - Why oh no?

Michelle Harman - Oh no more children will find a loving home and have a wonderful childhood.

Jacki Tuckerware - Wake up to love Alf. That's a bit rude and old fashioned.

Latesha Perkins - Oh yes!

Karyn Hiko-Robinson - Definitely oh yes!!!!

Mae Denison - Best News I heard for a while

Tara Renee - About time !!

Elizabeth Ung - Long over due

Gayle Griffin - Awesome news!!! About time!!

Noni Maree - There are so many children in the world including Australian children stuck in foster care that straight parents neglected and/or abandoned. Our kids need loving parents regardless of gender or sexuality. I congratulate this government for standing up and making a difference. Now we need marriage equality without a costly plebiside.

Shane Whitmey - You and Chris can adopt me

Jason Hunter - Can 2 staight blokes adopt a child?

Becky B Bowen - It says singles aswell. So a single straight bloke could.

Jason Hunter - Oh ok thats fair

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