SOAP BOX: Roll on summer, roll on. Quickly, too.

BY the time you read this, the overnight minimum temperature, if the Bureau of Meteorology's forecast was right, will have dropped to the wrong side of 15 degrees as far as I'm concerned.

I know a few of you will be glad the cooler weather is here.

"Finally," you're probably saying, like you've been waiting for it.

You've probably had the winter woollies out on the end of your bed for the last two months, just waiting to layer yourself up like the Michelin Man.

I could wait the rest of my life for cooler weather and would die happy if I never had to put on a jumper again. At the end of my days, I'll be put in a box wearing denim cut-offs and a singlet top. Thongs if the funeral director suggests a little more formality.

It was once my ambition, when I had ambitions, to live six months of the year here and six months of the year in the northern hemisphere just so winter would never catch me.

I don't understand why people live in Queensland if they want cold weather - that is what New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania are for.

I hate the dark mornings of winter and the bite of the floor boards as my feet hit them. I hate the bother of pulling on long sleeves and long trousers, and fumbling into gloves to walk the dog. I hate the slap of cold wind on my face when I open the door. I hate the bare arms of the jacaranda trees reaching for the sun.

Seasons? I only need one.

What seemed like an endless summer was not long enough.

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