Fitzy has lashed out.
Fitzy has lashed out.

Fitzy can’t cop it: ‘Stop the bulls***’

Former AFL star turned radio host Ryan "Fitzy" Fitzgerald has doubled down after blasting the racist comment made by a keyboard warrior about Adelaide great Eddie Betts.

The small forward called out a user's racist comment on the Crows' Instagram account, prompting an angry backlash from the footy community as players and officials stood up for Betts.

Someone wrote "monkey see, monkey do" on a post that showed Betts entering Marvel Stadium for the AFLX tournament on Friday night and the 32-year-old highlighted the shocking remark on his own social media profile.

"When will it stop, why can't we just play footy? Why can't we just all get along," Betts wrote.

Fitzgerald, who played for the Sydney Swans and Crows before being forced to retire because of injury, slammed the person behind the racist gibe as the "lowest of the low" on the weekend.

The broadcaster, who co-hosts Fitzy and Wippa on Nova 96.9, took aim again on Monday as he slammed someone on Twitter who was defending the comment and arguing it wasn't intended to be racist.

"If you don't think that comment was racially motivated and totally directed at Eddie you need to take a good hard look at yourself," Fitzgerald tweeted.

"Stop the bulls*** and take it on face value."

Crows CEO Andrew Fagan slammed the incident on Adelaide radio today.

"At the moment we don't know who this individual is, or some of the other individuals who posted comments over the course of the weekend. We'll try to work through that today," Fagan said on FIVEaa.

"Without pre-empting anything I'd suggest there's a ban and then unless you can identify that someone's been able to understand the impact and the hurt that their actions cause then I think they would have no place to come back to our game."

Betts deserves better.
Betts deserves better.

AFL Players Association CEO Paul Marsh said officials would do their best to identify who was behind the comment and make them known to the public.

"You either walk past it or you do something about it and we have decided to do something about it," Marsh said on SEN Breakfast.

"Unfortunately it is name and shame because they are faceless, these people.

"We've just got to keep sending a message that it's not good enough because our indigenous and multicultural players have had a gutful of it and it's just not fair.

"They've done so much for our game and this stuff, it just tarnishes what they're doing and it tarnishes the sport in general."

AFL players took to social media to call out the disgraceful episode. Patrick Dangerfield called it "cowardly" and "racist" while Western Bulldogs star Easton Wood said there is "no place in the game or society for this disgusting rubbish".

Port Adelaide's Jack Trengove added: "This is horrible! It has to stop."

Betts has been the victim of racist attacks before. He was targeted by a racist slur on social media last year and in 2016 a fan threw a banana at him while he was on the field during a clash between the Crows and Port Adelaide.

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