Pauline Pantsdown
Pauline Pantsdown

Church-run same-sex event cancelled after threats

THE gay lobby has come under fire after embarking on a 'ferocious' campaign against Christian groups which forced them to cancel an event at a major hotel.

The Accor Hotels group confirmed that the event, which involved Anglicans Catholics, pro traditional marriage groups and the Australian Christian Lobby had to be cancelled.

The Australian reports that came after a social media storm, led by activist Pauline Pantsdown, which resulted in phone calls that 'rattled' employees because of threats of violence.

Mercure Sydney Airport Hotel said the campaign by marriage-equality advocates had forced the company to close the hotel's Facebook page, sparked phone calls that disturbed hotel staff and escalated the problem to the company's headquarters, the Australian reported.

Gay news website had alerted readers to the event.
Pauline Pantsdown urged followers to stop the "dangerous, predatory" ACL. "Are children safe at Mercure and Accor hotels?" one post said.

One follower declared it "utterly horrifying" that Accor would host the Christian groups.

But gay lobbyists also came under fire for encouraging the sort of 'hate' that Bill Shorten warned would come out of the no campaign.

"We have chosen to reconsider our arrangements for the event next week due to our concern for the safety of the hotel staff, and our commitment to a reasonable and respectful debate," ACL managing director Lyle Shelton said.

AccorHotels told SameSame that remained neutral when it came to the content or subject of their event bookings.

Pauline Pantsdown congratulated Accor in a Facebook post.

'Thanks to the Accor Group for re-establishing the Mercure Hotel as a safe zone for individuals, children and families; and also as a safe zone for LGBTI staff who raised concerns about the event.'

There was no praise for the ACL though.

'The ACL take is that they pulled out due to safety concerns for their guests. Like all abusers, they deflect their violence onto others when it is pointed out.

'The ACL should understand that their abuse of transgender children and adults, and attacks on the safety nets around LGBTI children and families, will no longer go unnoticed or unopposed.'

Most on Accor's Facebook page wrote in support of the decision to cancel the event.

But there were some who were furious of its implications.

Bazza Francis wrote: "So AccorHotels has just sent a message to all Christians that they are not wanted in your business. Then that is the message we will spread far and wide - time to start a public boycott! Watch this space!"

Even on SameSame's website, one wrote: "Should we applause the intimidation, spamming and scare tactics of the mutant GLBTI community in shutting down this conference? If anything I am disgusted.

"The ACL has every right to express their views just as much as any member of the GLBTI has the right to express themselves in a peaceful protest outside any such conference.

"What may be considered as short term victories will have long term effects. Take a step back in time when our community was silenced/intimidated. What did we do? We grew in numbers and became more vocal.

"Shutting down one ACL conference is not going to make them go away but will make them stronger.

"The rise of One Nation and other such groups is a prime example on how the left believe that fighting bigotry with bigotry makes them right. It does not and is hypocrisy especially when the same groups claim they support equality.

"A person does not need to be right but a person has the right to be heard without prejudice or intimidation."

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