School no standing zones are there for a reason

"IT is okay to drop my child off in the no standing zone if I am quick."


We get on average at least one call a week from school officials in relation to children and road safety issues including parking and speeding.

This often related to parents who decide the safest way to drop their child off at school is to stop in the no standing zones adjacent to the crossing or corner. This is not only laziness but while you are considering the safety of your child you are putting other children in danger.

For those few seconds or minutes you not only block the view of the crossing for other motorists but you also block the view of the road for children trying to cross. We all know children can be unpredictable especially when excited or distracted and can be prone to running across without warning.

Please remember the following things when driving in or around schools:

  • Parking in no standing or stopping zones or double parking is laziness. Park down the road if you have to and get out and walk your child to the gate.
  • It doesn't matter that you will only be there a few seconds. That's all it takes to cause a crash, and chances are when someone sees you do it they will copy you and we end up with a continual stream of vehicles only there for a few seconds.
  • Not all crossing points and intersections at schools are supervised by crossing guards, and in many cases children will cross anywhere especially when distracted.
  • Parking fines are enforced in school zones and should a crash be caused by a driver illegally parking that driver could face serious charges and be civilly liable for any costs and damages incurred as a result of the collision.

Another MYTH BUSTED thanks to Bundaberg Road Policing Unit.

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