A WEEK after the Roos were thumped by Wondai by 62 points, Monto has handed out a walloping of its own. The Roos triumphed over the Eidsvold Eagles with a staggering score of 62-14.

The game offered a chance for individuals to shine, with six players from the Roos side scoring tries.

For Rhys Howkins, this was his first time scoring two tries in a game and he was feeling like a champion.

"It makes you feel flattered," he said.

"Even though we were well in front, we had to keep the pressure on, as if we slacked off, they would have caught up."

Another standout player of the Roos team was Marty Bowman, who also scored two tries.

He said the team was definitely playing a lot better during home games.

"We haven't been travelling well," he said.

"It also helps playing at home with the crowd and the atmosphere.

"This game was a big improvement from the last ones.

"We have also had a few position changes in the half, which is something new."

Howkins agreed the team upped its game a big notch.

"If we played like this last week we would have given them (Wondai Wolves) a better run for their money," he said.

"We had better communication and organisation this week."

Jarod Dahtler, Nick Bretherton, Tyson Mitchell and Shane Carter were the other Roos scoring tries in Saturday's match-up.

Eagles captain Daniel Nancarrow analysed the components which went wrong during the game.

"We just gave way and had to tackle too much," he said.

"We will work on holding to the ball, playing smart and doing one thing at a time.

"This is a new team here with some fresh faces."

Nancarrow said that Dwinelle Luani was a particular highlight for the team.

"He took control and made the right decisions," Nancarrow said.

Luani scored three tries for the Eagles.

Gladiators mauled by Tigers

MUNDUBBERA Tigers were unforgiving with the Gayndah Gladiators last Saturday as they ran in 80 points to 12.

Taking the field with only nine players, Gayndah was never going to win the encounter but they played the game in a manner they could be very proud of.

The Gladiators went close to scoring the first try but when the Tigers started to move the ball around, the floodgates opened and the points were all one way.

Gayndah Coach Glen Opperman said he thought he had a full team but several of the boys didn't turn up.

"Full credit to the nine who did come, they have really put on a good show and I am very proud of them," he said.

"We did score 12 points against them and I think that it was a great effort from the team.

"I really think if we had a full team would have given them a shake today."

In the run-up to the semi-finals in just over two weeks, coach of the Tigers, Burt Beezley, said the for-and-against points could be all-important in determining the home-game outcomes.

"We needed the run today to get our game right for the finals and we used it as a good hit-out," Beezley said.

"We still have plenty to work on and we will be training hard for the next few weeks."

Tigers hooker Brendon Augustine said the Gayndah players needed to be commended on their efforts.

"We had 17 players today and they had nine. It would have been very easy to walk away but they didn't," he said.

"Right til the end of the game they kept trying.

"I think it was a good effort that they put in and I hope the players who didn't turn up come next time."

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Troubling new details of state-wide crime spree

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