'Shut up': Magistrate threatens to lock up back-chatter

A KINGAROY magistrate has threatened to lock up a man and hold him in contempt after he continually back-chatted in court on Monday morning.

Luke Henry Redmond faced Kingaroy Magistrates Court with bright pink dyed hair, facing a single charge of wilful damage.

Police prosecutor Pepe Gangemi said a vehicle was "irreparably" damaged during a party at a Barkers Creek Rd property on January 4.

"At three o'clock the defendant and an unknown person began damaging the vehicle in the front yard.

"They jumped on the bonnet and the roof, causing it to cave in," he said.

"They broke every window and dented every panel with a baseball bat and metal bar."

"The damage is irreparable. The other person hasn't been identified so I'm seeking the whole amount of restitution - $2000," Sgt Gangemi said.

Redmond, 24, who was self-representing, said he had told the police the other person's name.

"I was supposed to receive a call back from the police and I never did.

"I didn't even do it, I wasn't there," he said.

"Hold on, hold on, listen to me," Magistrate Ross Woodford said.

"You just said you didn't do this, you weren't there. You pleaded guilty to this charge, you're saying you committed this offence, but in the next breath you say, 'I wasn't even there, I didn't even do it.'


Redmond, who kept trying to talk over the top of Magistrate Woodford, said he was coerced by police to plead guilty.

"Because the police told me they had video proof," Redmond said.

"I requested to see it, they didn't show it to me, and then they told me they were going to charge me with it even if I said I didn't do it."

Magistrate Woodford said he would adjourn the matter.

"Okie dokie, I'm going to put this over to next Monday. You need to go and see a solicitor," he said.

"No," Redmond yelled, "I'm not coming back."

Woodford yelled at the defendant to stop walking away.

"Come back here, you're on bail," he said, as Redmond attempted to leave the court.

"I'll revoke your bail if you don't shut up."

"As you just said, you won't be turning up next Monday. Well, I can make sure you turn up next Monday by putting you in custody for a week. Okay? That's how I'll get you to turn up," the magistrate said.

Redmond kept attempting to interrupt and speak over the top of the magistrate.

"Just be quiet for a minute," Woodford said.

"I'm going to put you in custody if you don't listen to me. Settle down or I'm going to hold you in contempt of court.

"As a matter of fact, go and sit in the back of the court room and I'll call on you later. Do not leave this courtroom. I'll deal with that fellow when he settles down and gets enough sense between his ears to listen to me."

"Good luck with that," Redmond muttered as he walked to the back of the courtroom.

Magistrate Woodford dealt with another matter before calling Redmond back to the bar table.

"Now I want you to just stand there and listen to me for a moment, defendant. I'm adjourning it for a week to see your own solicitor.

"Or you can see the duty lawyer here next Monday," he said.

"But I want you legally represented at the bar table. Because initially you entered a plea of guilty to something you said you didn't do. I cannot accept that plea.

"I'm remanding you to appear back here next Monday, 9am. Your bail is enlarged."

Redmond asked the magistrate if he was free to go.

"You're free to go, just remember to come back," Woodford said.

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