Sick mum is not a get out of prison card, says Judge

A SUPREME Court justice told an accused Sunshine Coast drug dealer he should have thought of his ailing elderly mother before allegedly selling methamphetamine to 100 people over two years.

Darren John Moylan, who faces charges stemming from a major police sting on the Sunshine Coast in August, was remanded in custody on Thursday.

Crown prosecutor Ben Jackson told Brisbane Supreme Court Justice Peter Flanagan that Mr Moylan was on bail when police charged him over the possession of high-quality methamphetamine, MDMA and cannabis between April, 2013 and June, 2015.

Mr Jackson said police found text messages on the 44-year-old's mobile phone that showed he had about 100 customers.

Mr Jackson said some of the drugs police allegedly found in Mr Moylan's possession were 70% pure and worth "tens of thousands of dollars" on the street.

He described Mr Moylan as being "wholesale" level trafficker who had three people working for him.

"He is a street up to wholesale level (dealer)," Mr Jackson said.

"A number of tactical (police) intercepts of the applicant revealed significant amounts of pure methamphetamine … in the high 70% purity range, which in our submission places him either at the source or very close to the source of large quantities of methamphetamine."

Mr Moylan, who represented himself, told the court he would contest the customer number at trial.

"The 100 people, that's not right - that's completely wrong," he told the court.

When asked why he should be bailed, Mr Moylan replied he needed to look after his mother.

"I honestly guarantee that I would not reoffend," he said.

"My mother's health is deteriorating and that the most important thing in my life."

Justice Flanagan dismissed the excuse and denied him bail.

"You should have thought of your mother's health before you undertook this sort of conduct, shouldn't you?" he said.


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