A 'significant rain event' is on the cards for next week, according to some weather watchers.
A 'significant rain event' is on the cards for next week, according to some weather watchers.

Up to 200mm could drench coast next week

A 'SIGNIFICANT' widespread rain and storms event is on the cards for much of the eastern coast next week.

Sky News chief meteorologist Tom Saunders says while it's too early to be specific about how much rainfall each town will receive, he's "very confident we'll see a major weather event in the second half of next week".

"It'll be widespread. Longreach hasn't had rain for 50 days now, so it'll break that dry spell," Mr Saunders said.

"It'll likely extend right down the eastern part of Queensland; to the west all the way down to Victoria or even Tasmania.

"It's the best chance of widespread inland rain since Cyclone Debbie in March."

Mr Saunders said the rain in Queensland should begin about Thursday onwards, with a rain band starting in the far west and then moving east.



The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast a high over southeastern Australia will shift slowly east across the Tasman over the next few days.

"The high will extend a ridge along the east Queensland coast, which will weaken over the weekend," the bureau forecasts.

"Winds will tend more onshore during the weekend with showers increasing about the east coast as a result, particularly about the southeast where a surface trough is likely to move onto the coast.

"A new upper trough and surface trough is expected to move eastwards across the state over the weekend before shifting into the Coral Sea on Monday. A weak ridge will maintain fine conditions over much of Queensland early next week but an upper trough is likely to bring increasing showers and rain areas across large parts of the state mid to late next week."

John's Weather Channel is tipping the rain will spread from North Queensland right down to Victoria and Tasmania from Wednesday, May 17 to Saturday, May 20.

"All models show a low which will move past southern WA this weekend and will then stall in the bight region/or become slow moving next week as a sharp broad upper trough and surface trough stretches from North Qld to possibly as far south as Tasmania," John posted.



"Moisture will rapidly get sucked into the system from the Coral Sea allowing showers/rain and storms to be uplifted as it pushes into the system as a strong high sits in the Tasman Sea with easterlies feeding into the system.

"We should see widespread rain of at least 10-40mm from North Qld to Tasmania, if the trough slows right up eastern parts of SA may also see some reasonable rain as well as coastal regions of SA. There could be 30-70mm over parts of Qld and perhaps inland NSW and ranges of Victoria and if the system moves south enough northern parts of Tasmania as well."

John said with moisture being constantly sucked in from the Coral Sea as the system moves, parts of Queensland could see 100-300mm along the coast.

The BOM total forecast rainfall outlook for the next eight days shows widespread falls for Central Queensland with CQ forecast to receive between 50-200mm.

Areas such as Biloela, Emerald and Blackwater are expected to receive at least 150mm while further west in areas such as Longreach, totals could reach 50-100mm.

Mr Blunt said BOM forecasters would be monitoring the system closely with more detailed information expected over the weekend.

Central and North Queensland Weather page on Facebook also tells of the impending wet weather.

"All modelling is showing a cut-off low stalling in the Great Australian Bight with a strong broad upper level trough and associated surface trough extending from North Queensland to western Victoria," they posted.

"A deep moist easterly feed from the Coral Sea will see showers rain areas and thunderstorms form east of the upper and surface troughs. Widespread falls of 20-50mm are likely with this feature with higher falls of 50-250mm possible over eastern districts particularly central coastal regions."

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