Fitness trainer Bec Glasgow.
Fitness trainer Bec Glasgow. Jack Lawrie

Simple tips to help you keep fit this Chrismas

FITNESS: The holiday season is in full swing and it's getting to the time when New Year's fitness resolutions are being considered.

December can be a tough month for people looking to keep in shape, as it's the time of year many like to treat themselves.

Fitness instructor Rebecca Glasgow said people looking to start getting fit should be realistic.

"Don't go from doing nothing to trying to work out six days a week,” she said. "Try and fit in half an hour a day for three days a week for instance, and don't try to complicate it.”

Glasgow has been running summer challenges in Monto over the past two months, with participants aiming to work out every week, or building up from four days a week for new clients.

Glascow said the sessions are primarily a mix of cardio and strength, which is a good way to maintain general fitness without a specific goal in mind.

Group sessions are a good way to help with motivation, but if that isn't available, finding a workout buddy or a trainer can also help.

Glasgow said maintaining a balanced diet all year round allows for the odd treat or fatty Christmas lunch without feeling guilty.

One bad meal won't make you fat, but one good meal won't make you fit either.

Her advice for people looking to get fit is to be patient, and be consistent.

"It's a very busy time of the year, people have events, parties, family coming over, so it can be hard to self-motivate,” Glasgow said.

"Motivation isn't going to keep you going because at some point you're going to wake up in the morning thinking 'I really don't feel like doing this today', and that's where your discipline comes in.”

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