GOOD LIFE: Henry Allan Meyer and his wife of 60 years Thelma at their Bouverie St home in Mundubbera.
GOOD LIFE: Henry Allan Meyer and his wife of 60 years Thelma at their Bouverie St home in Mundubbera. Philippe Coquerand

Six decades of a happy life side by side

IT'S almost been 60 years since Henry Allan Meyer, OAM and Thelma Meyer were married and the couple reminisced on how times have changed since then.

Henry recalled how he saw his wife (then as a 15-year-old) walking across the room and he told his mate that he wanted to dance with her.

"We had a show on in town and they always had a show ball on a Friday night, the first night of the show,” he said.

"Of course we'd go to it and I went into the show ball hall which was the old Mundubbera Shire Hall.

"We'd all stand like a mob of cattle in a yard, except we didn't have a fence around it.”

Henry said his friend helped introduced him to Thelma.

"I was talking to a chap beside me and happened to look across the hall and I saw this young lady sitting with her friend,” he said.

"I (asked who she was) and he told me her name and I replied 'I'd love to ask her for a dance'.

"He must've known something about her as his answer was 'that's so and so and she can't dance.'”

Henry said it took a bit more than just a dance to woo his wife.

"A few weeks later she ended up at a junior farm meeting,” he said.

"During the night at a meeting, there was a talk of a cooking competition and the ladies would create a cake and I recommended Thelma.”

Henry said it was a habit in those days that you had a girlfriend straight away.

He said he plucked up the courage to ask Thelma to dance.

"When I could see what was happening I thought 'I don't know a girl', and I was too shy and I said blow it, went straight over and picked Thelma up and had a dance all night,” he said.

"After that night I knew this was the girl for me, I'm going to marry her and here we are 60 years later.”

The pair married in 1957 and had three children named Debbie, Ruth and Neill-Henry George.

In other achievements Mr Meyer was awarded the Order of Australia medal in 2004 for his work in the citrus industry.

Of particular note was his work in the improvement in fruit quality and the development of overseas market opportunities.

As a surprise for their 60th anniversary, one of the couple's children told authorities and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull sent them a card.

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