Small gestures can enrich lives

COORDINATOR for the Community Visitors Scheme Heather Hinsbey is in the region asking for volunteers to join their new initiative to bring some companionship to the lonely.

"Gayndah currently only has four of our volunteers who are getting up there in age so we are hoping to find some more additions," Mrs Hinsbey said.

"I am trying to think of ways I can do that as I haven't been able to get too many volunteers here in Gayndah.

In Monto we took off with the idea of adopt a grandparent but nothing came of that unfortunately, to me a lot of children grow up without grandparents due to a number of reasons so I thought it was a good idea."

The Community visitors Scheme is a friendship program which links volunteers with lonely and socially isolated people and offers a genuine companionship to the elderly to help them lead more enriched lives.

"There are residents at the Gunther Village who would greatly benefit from a regular visit," Mrs Hinsbey said.

"It gives our residents something to look forward to each week.

"All that is required is one hour per week or fortnight and could involve a friendly chat, a game of cards, watching a movie or anything that will interest both people."

Some residents never get visitors whether it be because they have no family or are isolated from them Mrs Hinsbey said.

"Having a volunteer like this could really enhance their quality of life, such a small gesture could have a huge impact."

There will be a meeting and Christmas Lunch at Gunther Village on November 16 for anyone interested in seeing how they could help.

"Your time in this program would be greatly valued," Mrs Hinsbey said.

"It's companionship and someone that cares, so when a volunteer visits the resident gets a chance to share stories and talk about life experiences."

If you wish to volunteer for the community visitor scheme or get more information you can contact Mrs Hinsbey on 4150 4654.

Or via email at

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