Drone caught spying on rural family.
Drone caught spying on rural family. Jeff Chiu

Spy in the sky: Drone stalks terrified family

A FAMILY has been left shocked after discovering they were being spied upon by a drone.

The family who live outside Warwick on 16 hectares in a rural area, discovered a drone hovering around their home at about 8.30pm on Monday.

The owner of the property, who did not want to be identified said one of her children alerted them to the intrusion.

"My son was in bed reading when he coming running in and told us there was a drone outside his bedroom," she said.

"My husband went outside and sure enough, there was a drone hovering at about roof height outside the room.

"It was making a noise like a large mosquito, just sitting there at the corner of the house.

"I went out from a different end of the house and came around to have a look and saw it, I think it had moved to hide from the sight of my husband.

"It must have seen me and shot straight up into the air, then took off west quickly until we lost sight of it."

The woman said the incident had shaken the whole family up.

"We're a long way from the road and don't have any neighbours close by," she said.

"We live in a heavily wooded area as well, so it's a concern as to where it's come from.

"We are all a little confused and quite distressed about the intentions of the user."

Police have been contacted in relation to the matter.

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