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Steroid-induced psychosis led to alleged gunman's rampage

A NOOSA Heads man who went on a rampage last year which culminated in him allegedly hijacking a news van at gunpoint before crashing it into a LPG tank has been released on bail.

Jordy Brook, 45, was charged with a host of offences stemming from several incidents on November 6 including attempted murder, armed robbery, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, unlawful possession of a handgun and wilful damage.

A court has heard his actions could have been due to steroid induced psychosis.

On Wednesday during his bail application hearing, Brisbane Supreme Court heard Mr Brook had weeks earlier undergone serious colon surgery and was prescribed prednisone to help with post-surgery recovery.

Defence barrister Jann Taylor said two psychiatrists who had regularly treated Mr Brook since his arrest have put the incidents down to a severe reaction to the drug.

She said both psychiatrists have concluded he poses no risk of re-offending and the psychotic state he experienced as a result of the drug had passed.

"He was on a particularly high dose of the medication at the time given the serious nature of his surgery," she said.

"One psychiatrist said he had suffered an acute psychotic episode as a result of the prescribed medication.

"Another said he was in a steroid-induced psychosis at the time of offending."

A Crown prosecutor told the court Mr Brook posed an unacceptable risk of re-offending and could interfere with witnesses if he was released.

Justice David Jackson rejected the claim and said he was satisfied with the medical evidence before him that stated Mr Brook posed no risk to himself or the community.

He said the application was unique as Mr Brook's alleged offences were extremely serious but there seemed to be a genuine medical explanation for them.

"The alleged offences are unusual because the evidence before me suggests he was suffering from a steroid-induced psychosis at the time of the alleged offences after suffering an adverse reaction to the drugs he was prescribed," he said.

"The medication is known to have significant side effects.

"The applicant (Mr Brook) has no history of offending or violence prior to the events in November last year.

"This episode, while spectacular, was one that was completely out of character and I believe his continued incarceration is unjust."

Justice Jackson granted the application under normal release orders that include reporting to police; living at an approved address; and refraining from contacting witnesses.


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