Paul Hogan.
Paul Hogan. Steve Holland

DATING: There’s a smorgasbord of stereotypes to test

APPARENTLY Brazilian girls don't necessarily have Brazilians. I learnt that on a radio talk show.

It made me wonder about other stereotypes we apply to the opposite sex, especially as I've always had a thing for American men. All cute accents, good manners and marvellous teeth. (If you have a friend in the US, please ask them to send one.)

But what about French men? Are they really better lovers and the world's best cooks? Will they whip you up a gourmet meal, even if it is steak et frites (to Aussies, steak and chips) Manu Feildel, of My Kitchen Rules-style, before making love to you and whispering j'adore, ma cherie?

Is France where the French letter comes from? What about the French kiss? Are French women all slim and immaculately dressed? And do their sexy French accents drive men wild?

What about Italians? Are the men charming mummies' boys who always have a mistress stashed somewhere? Is Sophia Loren a true representation of the sensuous Italian mama? Then there's the British. Is it true the men have a penchant for Y-fronts?

According to Wikipedia, a stereotype is a thought that may be adopted about specific types of individuals but may or may not accurately reflect reality. So stereotypes are just that, I guess.

Which brings us to the Aussie stereotype, perpetuated by Hollywood movies and, in some aspects, still reflective of our own culture and experience.

The Aussie sheila may no longer be a buxom, suntanned blonde - think Lara Bingle who has, herself, had a makeover - but there's no doubt her look will never lose popularity among the blokes.

Then there's the stereotypical Aussie male, a bronzed surf lifesaver or ironman who reveres his mates and wants for little else except a cold beer.

It worked for Paul Hogan and, in 2015, you have to admit it's not going too badly for most of our sports stars, who epitomise stereotypical Aussie manliness.

No doubt as globalisation penetrates international culture I am sure we will all become more and more alike. But, meanwhile, even if you think stereotypes are, well, stereotypes, isn't it kind of fun to imagine that men, or women, may be different all over the world? Kind of like an international buffet.

If an Aussie guy, or girl, isn't your thing, well, go global.

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