This brother and sister combo just love fishin’

EARLY BITES: Trey and Hayley Crumblin are on a mission and that mission is to go fishin'. Photo Noel Thompson / Central & North Burnett Times
EARLY BITES: Trey and Hayley Crumblin are on a mission and that mission is to go fishin'. Photo Noel Thompson / Central & North Burnett Times Noel Thompson

TREY and Hayley Crumblin are two kids on a mission, and that mission is to go fishin'.

Since the age of three the brother and sister combo has fished far and wide.

Their motivation is not success measured by a set of scales or a tape measure, it is the anticipation of the bite, the excitement of the landing and the fun of the release.

Trey is five years old and he said beside the water was where he wanted to spend his time.

"Fishing with bait or trolling a lure, it doesn't matter to me; I just like to go fishing," he said.

"It doesn't even matter if I don't catch a fish; I just like the water and the fun of doing it with mum and dad."

On the other hand, six-year-old Hayley said she wanted to bag the big one.

"Big fish is what I am after and I don't want to go home until I have a nice fish," Hayley said.

"Bass, catfish or yellow belly, I don't mind what it is I just like to catch the fish of the day."

Hayley said her mum sometimes had to cast out for her.

"Mum can throw out further than I can when we are fishing from the bank but when we are in the boat I like to do it myself," she said.

"I think we catch a lot more fish from the boat because we can get up the river to where the fish live."

Hayley and Trey are fishers together and they help one another with their rods and hand lines.

Hayley and Trey's mum, Tarnya Rice, owns the Mundubbera Country 2 Coast Fishing Shop.

She said her two children would rather go fishing than do anything else.

"Hayley's first fish was a 49cm yellow belly and I think that is why she is so intent on catching the biggest fish," she said.

"Trey was trolling a lure behind the boat when he caught his first fish. I think that is why he just loves fishing.

"As long as he has a line in the water he has a smile on his face."

In a recent fishing competition at Proston, Hayley won four junior awards that her mum displayed proudly on her shop wall.

"In all the two siblings won seven trophies. Hayley caught the biggest bass, biggest cat fish, heaviest dead weight and the heaviest live weight," Tarnya said.

"Trey caught the best bass, the heaviest perch and the heaviest combined catch."

The family is off to the Condamine River shortly on a fishing trip of a life time.

Trey said his mum and dad took him and his sister out in the bush all the time.

"We camp in a tent just beside the river and we can go fishing the whole time," he said.

"That will be so good I just can't wait."

The two Boynewood School students said they were determined to keep fishing as long as there were fish in the water.

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