Throwing cheese at babies is the new viral internet trend

Sometimes parents like to use their kids for a fun video to create a bit of LOL - and sometimes those creations are a but out there.

That brings us to the latest strange challenge, that kicked off late last week, which involves mums and dads filming themselves flinging cheese at their innocent babies, when Twitter user unclehxlmes shared a video with the caption "just cheesed my lil brother".

In the shaky footage, the seemingly terrified tiny boy flinches as the plastic cheese slice hits him square in the face.

The tweet quickly went viral, racking up over 8.3 million views, 258k retweets and 758k likes.

In the comments, most users seemed to find the challenge hilarious.

"I shouldn't laugh as much as I just did. He even knew something bad was about to happen," one commenter said.

"Kid's gonna grow up with a cheese phobia," another added.

But as the video started to be shared by news outlets around the world, unclehxlmes started to get nervous.

It turns out that he had found the video on Facebook and simply reposted it to Twitter.

"It was very invasive for the family and I would like to apologise," he wrote in an apology posted to Twitter.

"I deleted it because it genuinely got way out of hand.

"I have spoken to the child's mother and explained why I have deleted it."

But as everyone knows, nothing truly dies on the internet.

Despite unclehxlmes' caution, the 'Cheesed Challenge' has well and truly kicked off with countless videos appearing on Twitter showing people lobbing cheese at their oblisious little ones.

But unlike the original video, this time the internet seems to be divided on whether this challenge is funny or simply cruel.

"Nothing's wrong with me," one mum defended herself from online hate after posting a video of herself throwing a slice of cheese.

"I just found it funny how the cheese stuck to his face, and stopping him from crying was a bonus."

"Thankfully he likes cheese," another mum said as she posted a cheesed video of her own.

Some commenters did agree with the mums that the challenge was hilarious.

"She has that face like: 'Why? Why did you do this to me?'" one user wrote.

"Face is priceless He's is "YESSS!" another said.

"I'm sorry hi, hello that is the sweetest baby," one said.

But some people couldn't see the humour in the situation, slamming the parents for "abusing" their children.

"This is abusive," one irate mum said.

"How many of the parents would volunteer to have food thrown at their face, especially when u have no way of defending yourself, contained in a high chair.."

"I would love to throw some cheese in the lousy parents' faces," another added.

This originally appeared on Kidspot and has been republished with permission.

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