The Mundubbera Touch players in action.
The Mundubbera Touch players in action. Philippe Coquerand

Touch season is getting bigger

TOUCH: The Mundubbera touch season has reached a new level with the introduction of two new teams.

The addition came after a whole year of playing with just four teams.

Now, teams from Eidsvold and Mundubbera school have been added.

Mundubbera touch secretary Melinda Thorburn was impressed with the level of skill displayed during the week.

"The skill level has risen, it's good to see more kids participating and a more vibrant and alive competition,” Thorburn said.

"We're very happy to have the six teams back in the competition but at one stage we had eight teams which meant two teams could play at the same time, it'd be nice if we could reach that level.”

The teams this season are Derra Devils, Fifty Shades, Hammertime and Thrifty Link. For the time being the new teams haven't got a name but will have one in the coming weeks.

Thorburn said the reason people play touch is to keep in shape and to meet others in their local community.

"It's basically a great way for players to get fit and it's good for your mind,” she said.

"Players learn basic co-ordination, catching and passing, how to work as a team, how to step and dive, and hand-eye co-ordination.”

Mundubbera touch has parents and children who play the game.

"It's really a game that anyone can play, we've got parents playing alongside their children and vice versa so it's just a good social game,” she said.

The Derra Devils take on the Hammertime at 6pm on Monday, August 28 on field one.

Eidsvold will take on Thifty Link at 6pm on field two.

The match between Mundubbera school and 50 Shades takes place at 7pm.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

If you're interested in joining one of the teams you can phone Melinda Thorburn on 0427951795.

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