The cost of a can of Coke will be hit by UK's new sugar tax
The cost of a can of Coke will be hit by UK's new sugar tax Linden Morris

Government rules out UK style sugar tax

UPDATE: FEDERAL Senator Fiona Nash has ruled out Australia introducing a tax on sugary drinks.

"The Government is not considering a tax on sugary drinks," Senator Nash said.

"I believe it is the role of people to choose what they eat and the role of government to give people access to accurate information to make good choices. People need to take personal responsibility for what they eat.

"The Government already has many anti-obesity measures, including the $100 million Sporting Schools programme, the very successful Health Star Rating system and the Healthy Food Partnership - which brings industry groups, public health groups and government together to move towards healthier food products."

EARLIER: Does Australia need the UK's tax on sugar?

George Osborne announced a 25p (53c) per litre tax on sugary drinks - and within second sent shares in the soft drinks industry plummeting.

The levy could add 8p (17c) to the price of cans of fizzy drinks like Coca-Cola, 7Up and Irn Bru, energy drinks like Red Bull and carton juice drinks like Ribena from 2018.

Should Australia introduce a sugar tax on soft drinks?

This poll ended on 24 March 2016.

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Campaigners including Jamie Oliver and the NHS are celebrating the Budget decision, which will raise an estimated £520 million ($1.1 billion) a year for the Treasury.

Shares in listed drinks firms dropped sharply on the London market after the sugar tax announcement.

Irn Bru maker AG Barr, which also makes Tizer and St Clement's, fell 4 per cent, while Robinsons squash firm Britvic fell 2 per cent and Vimto maker Nichols plunged as much as 7 per cent.


Should Australia follow Britain and introduce a 'sugar tax' on soft drinks?

Leave your comments below.

Osborne warned of "a dangerous cocktail of risks" as he delivered a spending plan in which Britain acts "now so we don't pay later."

He offered 3.5 billion pounds ($7.5 billion) in cuts by 2020 to achieve his target of balancing the books in the face of weaker global economic growth and repeatedly insisted he was focused on the future.

"In this budget we choose the long term," he said. "We choose to put the next generation first."


Rick Murray
No. It hasn't worked on alcohol and tobacco consumption. It's about time we all realised that manipulation by governments is never the answer!

Paul Hewitt
wont work unless its also banned from consumption in public places or work places like smoking unless its taxed to a point its financially no worth buying it wont work, we need to STOP using tax as a stick to stop something WE ARE RESPONSIBLE for, paents simply say NO!!!!!!!!!!!! we to educate people on its problems, I fear this will stop once a tax is introduced, leaving it up to that to do the work. How will it work anyting with sugar in be taxed? what DOESN'Thave sugar in it?? per serve tax??? what next a fat tax??? alcohol tax? is a tax the bes way to curb bad behaviour??? I know sugar has a side effect and have curbed my intake I can do it ANYONE CAN

Jen Shaw
Id just like to see some of our community leaders banish the vending machines from some community spaces like hospitals,highschools,sports complexes,events. Its crazy that in a town where 65% of us are obese (plus the trail of health problems associated with that) that you can buy known foods that contribute to the problem. Lead by example.

Kurt Tucker
Heart disease kills more people than lung cancer.

Lyn Pride
I rarely buy soft drink and then only Sprite as it doesn't seem as sweet or gassy and i use it as a mixer for bacardi and lemonade on a hot summer's day

Josh Hennig
Great idea! Soft drinks have no place in a healthy lifestyle so those who winge about it have bigger issues themselves to worry about. Of course the occaisional can of whatever, here and there probably isn't going to cause any damage, nor be a concern for price as its something that should be hardly be consumed. Hopefully if this came into effect it would deter people from making lazy lifestyle choices and actually make them take control of their health and think about what they are putting into their bodies and look for healthier cheaper alternatives like water, and some fruit if they want a natural sugar kick!

Debbie Bryant
Doesn't worry me as I don't drink soft drinks or smoke cigarettes.

Jean Leonard
I don't drink soft drinks

Matthew Schirmer
Why make more taxes is this going to make healthy food cheaper


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