A boy gets splashed with colour at the Eidsvold Colour Run.
A boy gets splashed with colour at the Eidsvold Colour Run. Tobi Loftus

VIDEO: Eidsvold students compete in Colour Run

FOR 16-year-old Eidsvold State School student Skye Pope, Saturday's colour fun run, organised by the P&C, was something she had never seen in Eidsvold.

"It was something different in Eidsvold for once,” Skye said.

"I've never done anything like this before.”

Skye said there were obstacles along the course.

"We started by running up a hill, came down a bunch of stairs, walked over some ropes, jumped over hay bales and crawled under a net,” she said.

"We went through some thick string, swam through some ice water, up a hill of mud, down the hill of mud, ran up around the shed, went down a slide, pulled up a rope, down into a maze, jumped into different pools of mud and jelly and finished.

"And we got covered in colour.”

Skye said her favourite parts of the course were the ice water and mud pools.

"It would be really great to do it again,” she said.

"It would be good for Eidsvold for it to be once a year, as it's something to do.”

Event organiser and P&C vice president Trudie Roth said the event went well.

"I'm really happy with the kids, with the crowd we had and everyone looks dirty, so that's really good,” Ms Roth said.

"The biggest challenges we had were ordering what we needed and getting it out here to the bush, like the crazy strings,” she said.

"The farmers around here have been terrific as they've all donated hay of some sort and the local businesses have come in and ploughed up the holes for us, the mud pits and have done an excellent job.

"The general community in and outside of Eidsvold has been fantastic.”

Ms Roth said she started to plan the event, which raised funds for playground equipment at the school, six weeks ago.

"It's taken six weeks, the whole of last week solid, every night we were here with parents galore,” she said.

"The parents volunteered from one end to the other.

"We've had people come from out of town and stay for the week to help out and a brilliant range of kids helping out as well.”

Ms Roth said she could not have organised the event in such a short time if it were not for Facebook.

"We started up a Facebook page and kept adding people who showed interest,” she said.

"We put when we had a working bee and people just kept turning up.

"Facebook has been good, it's a way to get the event out there in the region.

"We still handed out pamphlets and that, but having the internet and Facebook to help out has been good.”

She said she was surprised by the turnout.

"There were about 50 in the adult race and about 20 in each of the other ones, so that's about 120 all up,” she said.

"That's excellent for a small town.”

Ms Roth said the event passed the $5000 fund- raising goal.

"It's got to be around $8000, from the sponsorship alone, that feels excellent, it's real good,” she said.

"Because we ran with a fundraising model, we'll lose a bit of that, as all the kids get a prize, but it's still good.”

She said she expected the event to return in the future.

"I was speaking to a few of the parents and they want us to do it again, so if they want us to, why not,” she said.

"We'll probably leave it as the major fundraiser for the P&C and ease down on some of the other stuff.

"We'll probably move where we're doing it to a bigger venue, where we can spread things out a bit and you may be able to venture out bush as well.

"There are options to go to some places where we can go out to bush tracks.”

Roth said overall she thought the event was a success.

"I think it's pulled in such a wide part of the community, including people from out of town,” she said.

"The parents have joined in and did it with their kids.

"It has catered for the whole community, I hope.”

Helping Ms Roth run the event and warming up the runners was fitness guru Dave Holleran.

Mr Holleran said warming up the younger children was easier than the warming up the adults.

"The younger kids are already quite flexible, as they have already been running around quite a bit before they started, so it's not that hard,” he said.

"The older kids, you have to be a little harder as they've been sitting around in the shade and you have

to make sure they're switched on mentally and physically.

"The adults are the same reason, they have to be properly warmed up.”

Mr Holleran had trained many of the adult runners at boot camp sessions in Mundubbera and Eidsvold.

"Well, the Mundubbera people went brilliant(ly), and the Eidsvold people went absolutely amazing(ly), though the Eidsvold people have been doing it for quite a bit longer than the Mundubbera people,” he said.

"Eidsvold have been doing it for the last 12 months.

"They'd be used to some of the obstacles, but some of the stuff that Trudie put in is more like a commando course, which is pretty special.

"Getting soaking wet in the first half of the course makes it so much harder for the last half of the course... It was quite gut busting, but I enjoyed that.”

Mr Holleran said he expected some participants to exercise more.

"The best part about it was everyone had a lot of fun, but a lot of people see they aren't as fit as they should be, so will start an exercise regimen from this,” he said.

"I think there is a different between being fit and exercise, as the definition of fitness is to be able to do a normal day's work without undue stress.

"This is going to be something different, as

once they do something like this, they'd want to do something like this again then they start training to do it again.”

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