Video shows mid-flight’s terrifying moment


A pilot has been forced to make a terrifying landing after his four-seater plane suddenly opened its baggage hatch and jammed the flights controls.

Steven Le Van, 28, and his wife were embarking on their second flight of the day when after only 15 minutes into their journey between Charlton Park and Fairoaks in the UK, the baggage hatch of the plane dramatically broke free from it's hinges, leaving a wide open hole in the plane as it soared 2,100ft above the ground.

To make matters worse for the frightened couple, the loose metal managed to wedge itself between the elevator fork and the main surface restricting free movement of Steven's flight controls.

Managing to regain control of the plane, and the situation Mr Le Van used his experience in order to declare a "Mayday" as he decided to emergency land the Mooney M20K plane onto an old grass strip in the village of Membury.

With the terrifying journey coming to a bumpy but safe ending, the couple exited the plane to look over the damage caused to the plane.

Mr Le Van's wife can be heard screaming "Get out and get far away from this!"

The pilot told The MailOnline that they were "pretty shocked" by the ordeal, and were "very lucky" to be so close to another airfield to make a safe landing.

"We had to accept the 300-foot a minute descent," he said.

"I believe that aircraft saved us because it is such a strong aircraft.'

Mr Le Van, who has two years experience as a pilot, said a few scenarios went through his head before making the landing.

"(The gears) just didn't want to behave and I had to fight back onto the centre line, over the motorway and all the way to the ground,' Mr Le Van wrote on the video.

"Gear down, a couple of bounces and roll out onto the asphalt."

It is understood the landing, which took place on May 30, has not put the couple off flying.

Originally published as Video shows mid-flight's terrifying moment

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